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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 174

Because of this problem, Wen Yu was dazed for a while until the phone rang in the office and Tang Huai's outside line told her.

"A gentleman named Shen Mingjia is looking for you."

Wen Yu instantly regained consciousness, "Who"

"Shen Mingjia."

Even if she just heard the name over the phone, Wen Yu felt sick for a while, "Don't answer.

Don't transfer in.

I won’t take any of this person's phone calls."

Wen Yu didn't know why Shen Mingjia was suddenly looking for her, and of course she was not interested in knowing.

After that, she worked normally for a whole day.

At night, Tang Huai drove Wen Yu to the KTV.

At that time, he said at random, "This was opened by President Jiang’s friend.

Sometimes he will come here to entertain guests.

President Wen, while you are here, you can play with confidence, it's all our own people."

No wonder he could book a place for her so quickly...

Wen Yu remembered something and asked Tang Huai, "Be honest.

When President Jiang is socializing in such a place, will hostesses be called"

Tang Huai paused for a few seconds, and replied frankly, "We will call them based on the needs of clients and according to the situation, but President Jiang never touches them personally."

In fact, Wen Yu could also guess.

After all, when she was a third-class citizen, she just slept next to him and was almost kicked out of the house.

Not to mention these hostesses from outside.

It was probably Jiang Yuhe who said something beforehand.

After arriving at the KTV, someone brought Wen Yu to a private room.

You Xin and Xu Chang had already arrived.

The table was full of various drinks, alcohol, snacks and fruits.

Everything was arranged properly, and the workers left respectfully.

You Xin only then unloaded the burden of being a female star and said, "Good fellow.

I can't finish this table even after eating for three days, right Is President Jiang feeding pigs"

Xu Chang was also very excited to look around.

"This KTV is a star store in the entertainment circle.

The smallest room starts at 800 per hour.

Is it a bit expensive for us to open a luxury room with three people"

"That's why you have shallow views," You Xin looked at the other party, like he had never seen the world.

"Can President Jiang's woman sing in a small room when she comes out to play"

This title made Wen Yu a little embarrassed, "Speak properly.

What do you mean by ‘President Jiang's woman’"

You Xin glanced at her, "Aren't you"

He hadn't even said it, and Wen Yu didn't want to rush to stamp herself.

She took out a first draft of the script from her bag and gave it to You Xin.

"Go back and take a good look.

I will take you to see Chen Yousheng another day."

You Xin was shocked.

"Director Chen"

"That's right.

It's Director Chen who you were going to recommend yourself to."

Here You Xin was still in shock, and Wen Yu said to Xu Chang again, "Changchang, you can come to the crew to work too, and I will give you a good price."

Xu Chang had always been with some small crews, and he didn't expect Wen Yu to throw such an olive branch at him.

For a while, he was so excited that he couldn't speak.

Both of them didn't expect that just coming out to sing a song, and their careers were arranged to take a big step forward.

But for Wen Yu, it was a gratitude that had already been planned in her heart.

When she was experiencing the most difficult times, it was You Xin who accompanied her, and it was Xu Chang who took her in and gave her ginger soup.

Wen Yu held up a glass of alcohol.

"Didn't you say it earlier Sisters will take you to fly again.

This time I will definitely take you to the highest place and see the most beautiful scenery."

You Xin cried, "I knew you would be successful! When did Miss Wen lose before!"


The three clinked glasses, and the atmosphere was lively and moving for a while.

Afterwards, they sang, drank and played games together.

When the game started to get exciting, You Xin told Wen Yu.

"I heard that Shen Mingjia is pretty miserable now, and seems to be blocked by the industry."

Wen Yu snorted, "No wonder he hates me so much."

"He can't receive any roles anymore, haven't you seen He started doing live broadcasting because he’s being cut left and right."

Just as Wen Yu was about to continue speaking, her phone suddenly rang, she glanced at it and immediately stood up, "I need to go out and take a call."

The call was from Zhong Ping.

It was related to the script.

Wen Yu originally spoke to him in the corridor, but the noise was loud when people came and went.

She saw an unoccupied room next door, so she went straight in.

After talking quietly for five or six minutes, Wen Yu hung up the phone.

Just as she was about to return to the private room, she turned around, but saw a figure standing in front of her.

Wen Yu was taken aback, and when she saw the person, she frowned instantly.

"Why are you here"

Shen Mingjia shrugged.

"I made more than a dozen calls to your office, but you didn't answer.

So I could only wait for you downstairs at your company."

Wen Yu reacted suddenly.

"You followed me here from the company"

This KTV was extremely private, and at the door, guests needed to swipe their card to enter the private rooms.

When the door closes, it would automatically lock, and outsiders couldn’t get in.

Shen Mingjia must have been in the corridor for a long time, waiting for Wen Yu to come out.

"I have something to tell you."

"Forget it," Wen Yu walked towards the door, "We are not familiar, and there is nothing to say."

Who knew the door was locked by Shen Mingjia somehow Wen Yu couldn't open it for a long time.

She turned around and stared at him, "What the hell are you doing"

"You made me so miserable.

What do you think I want to do"

"I’ll forget about it if you just mess with me, but you even messed with my friend.

Wen Yu, no one acts like you."

Wen Yu laughed, "Didn't you guys ask for it"

After a pause, "I don't need you to teach me how to act.

Open the door immediately, or I will call the police."

Shen Mingjia calmly sat down on the sofa in the room and turned on his phone.

"I’ll be straightforward.

Either give me a role in your film, or I will expose our previous relationship and let everyone know that such a popular beauty investor had a relationship with me.

Do you think everyone will be interested "

Shen Mingjia scrolled through the selfies he had taken before with Wen Yu, some of which were very intimate.


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