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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 173

Wen Yu pursed her lips, and carefully, tentatively said, "I mean, was it you or him..."

"Do you think it could be me" Wen Qingyou squinted at Wen Yu and she saw that he was speechless.

"This blood-related brother couldn't get you back from him, so you can just change your surname to Jiang."

After he finished speaking, he got up, picked up the tie on the sofa, tied it, and said, "The person you like doesn't respect his future brother-in-law at all."


As if she had already imagined the picture from last night, Wen Yu pressed the corners of her upturned lips, and then reacted after a while, "What future brother-in-law We have not yet determined our relationship.

You are so anxious to become family with someone else."

"It doesn't matter." Wen Qingyou fastened his tie, and said inexplicably, "Sooner or later, we will be a family anyway."


After breakfast, the siblings went to the company together.

On the way, You Xin called Wen Yu, saying that since she was back in Beijing, wanted to ask her to come out for a gathering at night.

You Xin spent a month away filming scenes and finally came back.

It just so happened that Wen Yu had also been working overtime for a long time, and she agreed to the gathering in one fell swoop.

The first thing that followed when she arrived at the company, Wen Yu asked Tang Huai to dissolve the cooperation with Gu Qin and re-identify a partner for cooperation.

After receiving the notice, Gu Qin kept calling, hoping to explain and apologize to Wen Yu.

"The Moment I Fall in Love with You" was a first class popular IP, and was favored by Jiang Yuhe during the auction, but it was dramatically snatched by the little-known newcomer Wen Yu, so it won a lot more visibility.

In addition, Wen Yu had now invited the famous director Chen Yousheng and the gold medal screenwriter Zhong Ping’s team.

As long as the selection of actors and the subsequent funds did not collapse, this project was almost guaranteed to make a profit.

That's why Gu Qin struggled to save the relationship, but Wen Yu didn't give him this opportunity.

Jiang Yuhe taught her that when the means should be tough, you must be tough.

No one in this circle would tell you what was true, good and beautiful.

Besides, it was Gu Qin who sent himself to Wen Yu’s door for her to lay down the rules.

At this time, Tang Huai handed over some documents and said, “Here is some information about actors.

Some are recommended by major companies, and some are suitable candidates selected after our comprehensive analysis.

Director Chen also recommended some.”

Like an ancient emperor choosing his concubines, Wen Yu flipped through a few pictures and saw several handsome guys with different styles.

After looking for a while, she asked, "Are there no artists recommended by Yasheng"

Tang Huai replied, "President Jiang may want to avoid suspicion."

Wen Yu suspected that this was also possible, but she wanted You Xin to try a role in the script.

You Xin was an artist signed by Yasheng, so she had to talk to them.

"I know now.

You can leave first."

After Tang Huai left, Wen Yu called Jiang Yuhe.

During the connection process, she remembered the scene of her taking the initiative to seduce others last night, and quickly took a sip of water.

It's okay, just assume that nothing happened later.

If he didn't mention it, then she wouldn’t mention it.

After a few seconds...


The phone was connected, and the man's faint voice came through, with a little hoarseness.

Wen Yu's heart jumped, and the picture of holding him last night immediately popped out in her mind.

His breath and temperature all radiated crazily with this "Hey".

The memorability power was too much, too high.

Wen Yu felt like she had hugged him again, faintly heated, and was frozen inexplicably.

She was stuck for a long time and couldn't say what she wanted to say.

Finally, she had to quickly make an excuse.

"It's fine, I called by mistake."

About to cut off the call, Jiang Yuhe suddenly stopped her.

"Let’s have dinner together tonight.

I will pick you up."

Wen Yu was stunned, "You Xin is back.

She asked me to get together at night."

There was no reply for a few seconds, "Play where"

"It's not decided yet.

She wants to sing."


Within a few minutes of hanging up, Wen Yu received a WeChat message from Jiang Yuhe.

It was a private room reservation information of a well-known KTV in the city, and a short warning: [Drink less alcohol.]

Wen Yu suddenly had a sweet feeling.

She couldn't help but pursed her lips, and replied: [Are you going to come to]

Jiang Yuhe: [I have something tonight.]

That’s fine.

Wen Yu didn't bother him anymore, and immediately forwarded the information to You Xin, [The place is booked.]

Originally, You Xin was still looking for a suitable place.

She didn't expect Wen Yu to move so fast, so she couldn't help but praise: [Good guy, after being a boss you’re really different!]

Wen Yu poked her and sent a screenshot of Jiang Yuhe's conversation with her just now to You Xin, showing off silently.

A few seconds later, You Xin added a word to the sentence just now and sent it again: [Good guy, after being a boss’s wife you’re really different!]


Wen Yu couldn't hold back her smile when she looked at her girlfriend’s words, but then she suppressed it again.

Jiang Yuhe had never said half a word about being the boss’s wife.

Although there were some things between adults that didn't need to be said too clearly, Wen Yu still hoped to hear some certain words.

After all, they were a bit complicated, and there was an extra layer of pseudo-sibling relationship.

But Jiang Yuhe didn't say it, and she couldn't ask on her own initiative, it would be too shameless.


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