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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 171

The woman he taught, when she displayed her temper, was similar to him.

After Wen Yu finished speaking, she stood up and left with a darkened expression.

"Please continue.

Everyone, I have something to do, so I will leave first."

As she passed by Gu Qin's side, she whispered, "You like to help others so much.

Why Does he feed you"

Gu Qin's face turned pale.


The private room door was opened and closed again with a gust of wind.

Wen Yu's harsh and imposing words completely stunned the group of men in the room.

After a while, Chen Yousheng said with emotion to Jiang Yuhe:

"This little President Wen always seems to be able to get things done."

Jiang Yuhe laughed at himself in his heart.

A woman who has dared to play with him for three months, was there anything she still dared not do.

He bowed his head and sent a message to Wen Yu: [Wait for me in the parking lot.]

After saying a few words casually, he also left the private room.

When Jiang Yuhe arrived at the parking lot, Wen Yu and Zhou Yue stood by a car.

He didn't know what they were talking about, but they stood very close together.

Seeing him coming, Zhou Yue nodded, and then left first in Wen Yu's car.

Wen Yu got into Jiang Yuhe's car.

With the curtain closed, Jiang Yuhe looked at her red face and asked: "Drink too much"

Wen Yu shook her head.

Although she was a little dizzy, she couldn't tell whether she drank too hastily or it was due to anger.

"That Gu Qin did it on purpose." She said, "He is Shen Mingjia's friend.

Want to help him take revenge on me That’s what they think!"

Wen Yu was so angry that she pressed her temples as she said, "I will go to the company tomorrow to cancel the cooperation with their team.

They really think they are something.

Who is the boss In the circle, only his team knows how to be a service provider.

Does he think that just because I am a woman I would be afraid to challenge him"

Wen Yu was irritable like a little beast, but Jiang Yuhe found it amusing.

He had seen her expressions in a lot of moments: beautiful, gentle, aggrieved, and contrived, but there was no such appearance like this moment.

It turned out that a well-behaved kitten will show sharp fangs.

To survive in this industry, you need confidence and the momentum of true strength.

Only if you were strong enough, others would not easily offend you.

Jiang Yuhe believed that at least from that moment.

The old veterans of the team should no longer criticize Wen Yu.

Wen Yu saw that Jiang Yuhe hadn't said a word, and turned to look at him.

"Why did you come suddenly"

Jiang Yuhe replied, "Didn't I tell you I came to see you."

This short sentence made Wen Yu instantly change her personality.

She blinked and asked a little coquettishly.

"See me Worried about me being bullied"

She supported her chin with both hands and leaned against the middle armrest to look at Jiang Yuhe, with her legs leaning to the side in his direction.

Wen Yu was wearing an A-line skirt that covered the hips tonight.

The position of her half leaning over was a bit provocative.

The lower body was slightly tilted, the hip line was round and soft, and the legs extending to the bottom were slender and tight.

It's like an attractive and mysterious artwork.

Jiang Yuhe remembered what those people said at the dinner, and only felt that there was something clashing silently in his heart.

He calmly averted his gaze and looked out the window.

"Do you need me to worry about you Zhou Yue was very good, and he knew how to help you block the drinks."


A familiar feeling came again.

Wen Yu yelled and laughed, "What are you doing Can't someone help me have a drink"


Smiling, Wen Yu felt a little dizzy in front of her eyes, and her head was a little heavy.

She leaned back on her seat, closed her eyes to rest, and said, "Don't be so stingy.

I treat Brother Yue as my elder brother, nothing else."

"Then you really have a lot of brothers." Jiang Yuhe's voice was faint, and the feeling was even more wrong, "Me, Song Qingyou, and there’s even a Zhou Yue now."

Wen Yu curled her lips.

Although a little sleepy, she still did not forget to respond to Jiang Yuhe.

"Even if they are all called brothers, you are different."

Jiang Yuhe's eyes moved slightly, he paused and turned around.

"How is it different"

After a few seconds of silence, Wen Yu opened her eyes.

Under the dim car lights, her eyes were a little blurred, she looked at Jiang Yuhe as if drunk while awake.

Then suddenly she opened her arms."Brother, hug."


Lao, who had been forced to listen to the conversation in front of him, heard this and immediately pressed the button to fold the central armrest down.

Slowly, the armrests separating the two of them were stowed away, without any hindrance to each other.

Without waiting for Jiang Yuhe's reaction, the slightly drunken Wen Yu directly leaned over and cuddled in his arms for a long while, and said softly, "Only you can hug me."


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