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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 170

Everyone's attention instantly focused on the door, and after seeing the people who came, they were all taken aback.

They all stood up subconsciously, and spoke respectfully.

"President Jiang"

"How are you President Jiang"

"President Jiang, we haven't seen you in a long time!"

Seeing the tall and lofty figure who walked in, Wen Yu was also stunned.

Why was he here

Gu Qin’s forced drink was temporarily put on hold because of Jiang Yuhe’s arrival.

He walked back to his position angrily.

He thought Jiang Yuhe was here to look for Wen Yu, but he didn’t expect that he would directly greet Chen Yousheng after he came in.

"I heard that Director Chen was here from next door, so I came over to have a drink with you."

Gu Qin's eyes changed subtly, looking at Jiang Yuhe, then at Wen Yu, and didn't know what he was thinking about.

Suddenly the phone vibrated in his pocket, and he took it out to see—

[Help me take a **ing good shot at her and make her drink.]

Gu Qin went back: [Jiang Yuhe is here, didn't you say they broke up.]

[Of course, I watched them break up with my own eyes!]


Gu Qin observed the dynamics in the private room, and Jiang Yuhe did not interact with Wen Yu after he came in.

He had been talking to Chen Yousheng the whole time.

It was common in the circle to have a drink with each other in another’s gathering, and it was not uncommon to encounter it.

He looked at Wen Yu again, then looked down at his mobile phone.

It seemed that there was the feeling of meeting but acting like they never knew each other.

It seemed that she really broke off with this big guy

Gu Qin was not sure, but he wanted to test it out.

At the other end, Jiang Yuhe, who had successfully turned his identity from guest to host, completely attracted the attention of people in the private room.

After all, it was rare for a big boss to show up, and some people who have never had a chance to see him in person had quickly seized the opportunity to display themselves in front of him.

Wen Yu secretly sent a message to Jiang Yuhe: [Why are you here]

Jiang Yuhe was busy but still returned three words to her: [To see you.]


Before she could reply, Gu Qin stood in front of her again.

"President Wen, our drink isn't finished yet." He said enthusiastically.

Everyone's attention fell back.

Zhou Yue didn’t know what he had realized at this time, leaned against Wen Yu’s ear and said something.

There was a momentary strange flash in Wen Yu’s eyes, but she quickly returned to normal.

"President Wen wouldn’t disrespect me, right Then I'm really ashamed," Seeing Wen Yu not moving, Gu Qin turned to crying pretentiously in embarrassment, "It’s still the first time I encountered this in the circle."

Someone laughed softly and added a handful of firewood.

"Then President Wen will need to show some respect."

What Zhou Yue wanted to say was stopped by Wen Yu.

She picked up her glass and drank the full glass of wine in one go.

"I'll give you respect, okay"

"Good!" Gu Qin pretended to applaud, and then poured another cup, "I will toast you again with this glass.

I wish us success in cooperation!"

After that, he raised his head and drank it all again, "It's your turn, President Wen!"

Witnessing all this, Jiang Yuhe frowned.

It was already obvious that Wen Yu was being deliberately forced to drink alcohol by this man.

His eyes had sunk long ago, and he was already unhappy when Wen Yu drank the first cup, not to mention the aggressiveness of the other party and the second cup.

The atmosphere became a bit subtle under Gu Qin's pressure to drink.

No one came out to relieve the siege.

Some may not want to be dragged into trouble, but some just wanted to see Wen Yu's embarrassment.

Although Jiang Yuhe had a selfish desire to resolve difficulties for her, in reality, this was another hurdle that Wen Yu must pass.

If you wanedt to be a convincing investor, you must have the ability to survive.

So as long as it wasn't too excessive, Jiang Yuhe didn't plan to come forward.

He looked at Wen Yu from a distance, and he also wanted to know how the woman he liked would resolve her situation.

After being with him for so long, she should have her own abilities.

Gu Qin saw that Jiang Yuhe didn't respond to Wen Yu's plight, and even watched the show, confirming that the two had separated unhappily.

"President Wen, drink!"

Zhou Yue stood up at this moment.

"I'll help President Wen drink this once."

Before Wen Yu could stop him, Zhou Yue helped her drink the second glass of wine.

Gu Qin sighed, "How can it be We don't have the rules to drink on behalf of others in this business."

As he said so, he wanted to pour wine into Wen Yu's glass again, but when the mouth of the bottle fell, Wen Yu reached out and covered the mouth of the glass.


Gu." She smiled, "You'd better stop in moderation."

This was a refusal, but also a bit of a threat.

No one thought that Wen Yu would say this, and Gu Qin felt that it was a bit of a loss of pride to be rebuked by a woman.

"What's the matter with President Wen We can't enjoy it when we come out to play"

Wen Yu smiled and said softly, "Am I out to play with you"

After those words, the little smile left in her eyes disappeared, and her voice suddenly fell cold, "I, Wen Yu, spent money to invite you to come out and it’s for you to eat.

You’d better figure out your identity and figure out who is host.

I am a newcomer.

I respect each of you as seniors, but respect does not mean that there is no principle.

If anyone thinks the meal I paid for is not delicious, there is no need to reluctantly cooperate."

After speaking, Wen Yu looked around the entire private room.

"I will also clearly tell every teacher in the room: don't play with me and try some underhanded means.

I don't accept these tricks.

If we can cooperate, we will win together.

If we can't, then leave."



Jiang Yuhe paused for two seconds, and suddenly the corners of his lips twitched slightly and he smiled.

The woman he taught, when she displayed her temper, was similar to him.


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