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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 169

Almost all the big names in the circle, the director of Beijing Satellite TV, the president of the top-stream video platform, etc.

- they all talked about recent hot events in the circle.

They didn’t know who it was, but someone brought up the topic of Wen Yu's work.

"I heard that Zhong Ping and Chen Yousheng were both pulled over by her team.

This woman is quite capable, and we all know that Zhong Ping is notoriously difficult to serve."

"I just don't know the quality and standard of production.

If it’s really good.

We may want to get a platform exclusive."

"About that, I also met with that beautiful woman President Wen not long ago.

The second impression I got was that she has some abilities and her thoughts were pretty good."

Everyone was amused.

“Where is the person who only talks about second impressions What about the first impression”

The man was enjoying their reaction, it took him a long time to sigh with emotion.

"She was really beautiful.

A beauty with a bit of culture in their stomachs is really different from those vase-like empty brained ones.

She won at first sight in terms of temperament, not to mention her figure.

It's truly really good, especially those legs—"

Once women were discussed in places where men get together, no matter whether they were malicious or not, there was always a sense of mockery.

Everyone laughed because of these words.

Only Jiang Yuhe didn't respond, and a few seconds later, he put down the wine glass in his hand on the table.

The bottom of the cup collided with the table top, the sound was not too loud, but it was enough to attract the attention of others.

The laughter suddenly stopped.

Everyone noticed a chill and looked at him.

Someone asked cautiously, "What's wrong, President Jiang Is this wine no good"

Jiang Yuhe looked at the man who said Wen Yu had beautiful legs with cold eyes.

He had already had the urge to turn the table 10,000 times in his heart, but he still restrained it.

Fortunately, Tang Huai's phone call came in time and washed away his irritability.

After listening to what Tang Huai said, Jiang Yuhe asked indifferently, "Where is it"

"Royal Court Clubhouse V3."

Jiang Yuhe hung up.

Then he sipped the last bit of wine in the glass, got up and said, "I must leave in advance.

Excuse me."

At nine o'clock in the evening, it was the Royal Court Clubhouse.

It was not the first time for Wen Yu to socialize.

It's just that this time she took the lead in this gathering.

At the same time, facing more than ten people, it would inevitably take more effort than before.

After all, she was a newcomer, and still upheld a modest and respectful attitude in front of these "big guys" and "predecessors".

Among them, Director Chen Yousheng was the one Wen Yu most respected.

In addition to being a rare celebrity coach, Wen Yu also has a very special relationship with him.

At that concert half a year ago, You Xin recommended herself to him with all her enthusiasm.

As a result, after half a year, Wen Yu unexpectedly would work with him to make a movie.

Time could really facilitate a reincarnation.

Everyone met in different ways in the circle of the story.

Wen Yu took the initiative to offer Chen Yousheng some wine and wanted to introduce You Xin.

"Director Chen, I have a friend who likes your play very much.

She is a very good actor."

Chen Yousheng also gave a lot of respect.

"Is that so Then if there is a chance, we can get to know each other."

"That’s good."

Everyone talked about the movie, and during the period, there were people who came to cheer with Wen Yu, but everyone stopped at the right time, and did not play the game of forced drinking.

The atmosphere was originally harmonious, until a man stood in front of Wen Yu with a wine bottle.

"President Wen, you haven't had a toast with us after talking all night.

Isn't it too boring"

The person who spoke was the head of the service team called Gu Qin.

Zhou Yue responded politely, "Mr.

Gu, President Wen is not good at drinking."

Gu Qin waved his hand, "How can it be In the entertainment industry, there are no people who can't drink.

If President Wen doesn't drink, it means she doesn’t respect us.

Come on."

He took an empty cup, poured a full one, and drank it himself in one gulp.

"I'm done.

It's up to you, President Wen."

This was the first one to try to embarrass Wen Yu.

It was called embarrassing because Wen Yu knew that in the eyes of these men, working under a woman, or such a young woman, they may more or less despise her.

But these people were very smart and did not take the initiative to display it.

However, this Gu Qin opened the gates and jumped out to give Wen Yu a slap in the face.

The atmosphere of the original lively conversation quietly dropped a little bit.

Everyone seemed to pay no attention to it, but in fact, their attention stopped on Wen Yu.

They wanted to see how she would respond and how she would resolve Gu Qin's provocation.

Wen Yu smiled without changing her expression, "Mr.


She was about to continue, when the private room door was suddenly pushed open.

Several people came in.


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