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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 166

Wen Yu forced herself to eat a few bites.

At 5:50pm, Tang Huai came in and informed her, "Mr.

Zhong's team is here, in the conference room."

"Okay." Wen Yu quickly put the lunch box aside, took out a mirror to patch up her makeup, and then got up.

"Let's go."

Tang Huai nodded and followed her, but before he walked out of the office, he looked back at the table where only a few bites of food had been eaten.

When she came out of the meeting room again, it was already half past nine in the evening.

This meeting took half an hour longer than she expected.

Wen Yu returned to the office with the heavy manuscript.

When sitting in her chair, she felt like her body was falling apart.

The elders in this industry were increasingly skillful.

She concentrated her whole body's attention to listen to their terms and rules, and to be honest...

It was too tiring.

Only now did she know how lax Jiang Yuhe’s discipline was, that he used to use on her.

When she really entered this circle, and the oncoming people battled with their hearts, weighed their interests, every battle made Wen Yu exhausted.

She tried to sit up and continue to look at the main points of the discussion, but as she read, her vision became blurred.

Her eyelids closed as if they were not under her control.

Wen Yu slowly lay down on the table, thinking about taking a nap for ten minutes.

When she woke up, she still had to compare and analyze the screenwriting teams she had come into contact with these days, and choose a team for cooperation as soon as possible.

Jiang Yuhe came here at this time.

After seven consecutive days of work, she ate fast food every day, and went to a meeting today without even eating a few bites of food.

He had to come over to catch Wen Yu and take her out to eat a good meal.

The ordinary employees of the company just finished working overtime and left.

Tang Huai took Jiang Yuhe to Wen Yu's office and knocked on the door twice, but there was no response from inside.

Tang Huai opened the door gently and saw Wen Yu asleep on the table.

Jiang Yuhe said, "You can get off work first."

Tang Huai replied, "Yes."

Gently closing the door, Jiang Yuhe glanced around the office first.

The area was not big, but it was quite spacious, and it was enough for one person.

There were scattered documents all over the desk, and Wen Yu was so tired as she was buried in the pile of documents.

In fact, she didn't have to work so hard.

He had enough abilities to let her live as she pleased.

But Jiang Yuhe knew that Wen Yu was unwilling to be just a vase style eldest lady, good to look at but with no real ability.

Especially after bankruptcy, her eagerness to prove herself became stronger.

She sometimes seemed innocent and tender, but in fact she had resilience in her bones.

For example, at the time of the heavy rain, she dared to stand in front of him and gamble.

Jiang Yuhe always remembered the look in Wen Yu's eyes at that time, which was tender but full of tenacity.

She was very beautiful like a rose, delicate and seductive, but not the kind that only had a few days of vitality in a vase.

It was the wild rose that grew on the cliff, smart, bold, and not lacking in wisdom.

She would constantly change according to the environment to suit her own state.

She would be thorny when touched, but it made him even more determined to conquer and possess.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yuhe curved his lips inexplicably, while looking at Wen Yu lying on the table.

He put the fallen mineral water bottle on the table upright, then took off his jacket and draped it gently on Wen Yu.

But he didn't expect to wake her up.

Wen Yu dimly opened her eyes and saw that it was Jiang Yuhe.

"Why are you here"

"I couldn't see you for a week.

I came to see what you are up to."

Wen Yu smoothed her long hair and sat upright.

"Don't pretend.

Doesn't Tang Huai report to you everything I do everyday"

Jiang Yuhe smiled without denying it.

He looked at the files that Wen Yu had pressed on, scattered on the desktop, he sat down beside her and asked, "How is the progression"

Wen Yu rubbed her temples.

"I just came into contact with Teacher Zhong's team.

In fact, several teams are unsure on how to deal with the relationship between the second male lead and second female lead in the original book, whether to re-adapt it, and how to carry out the adaptation.


Jiang Yuhe said, "Um."

Wen Yu knew that his um meant he wanted her to continue speaking.

Anyway, she really wanted to find someone to talk about it, so she said:

"I read the original book, and I can understand the reason why everyone is entangled.

The second female lead and the second male lead are first loves.

They have been in love for many years, but they didn’t achieve a positive result.

The original had an open ending.

It made my heart feel itchy.

Doesn’t everyone want it to be sweet, and really—"

Wen Yu held her chin thoughtfully, paused, and shook her head.

With a regretful tone, she spoke, "The first loves not being together… that is indeed a bit unreasonable."

After speaking for a long time, the office was quiet.

It was not until later that Wen Yu found out that something was wrong and turned to look at Jiang Yuhe, only to find that the man was leaning back against the seat, lightly resting one hand on the desktop.


He looked at her faintly, for a moment.

"How unreasonable is it"


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