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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 163

How embarrassing.

The two have even slept in the same bed, so there was no need to care for such small details.

The room was empty and streamlined, very tidy, and it was the style of that man.

But although the place was big, there was no place to hide at first glance.

Hide in the cloakroom, she might suffocate.

Other places seemed to be...

only the curtains of floor-to-ceiling windows could hide a person.

Wen Yu glanced at her watch.

It was half past seven, and at most she would wait for half an hour.

Right, don’t you have to pay a price to surprise people

Just stand for half an hour, no problem.

Wen Yu wanted to ambush him from behind the curtains and waited quietly for Jiang Yuhe.

At the same time, she imagined the picture after the meet up in her mind-


"Are you surprised"

"Do you feel your sister's fiery heart"

Many touching scenes...

Jiang Yuhe wouldn't feel justified if he didn't award her a Chinese good sister award today.

Shortly after Wen Yu hid here, Aunt Shier sent a signal from the corridor.

"Young Master is back"

Jiang Yuhe didn't seem to give much reaction.

He opened the door, and Aunt Shier coughed again.

"Please pay attention, Young Master.

There is a surprise in the room."

Jiang Yuhe was on the phone and heard what the housekeeper had said.

He didn't pay much mind, but still vaguely heard the word surprise.

However, he was a little tired.

After opening the door, he scanned the room, it was empty and there was nothing.

Jiang Yuhe was not the kind of person who liked things to be lively.

Even if Aunt Shier said that, he didn't see an obvious so-called surprise, so he didn't have any interest in looking for it.

He was still talking to the other person,

"Umm, arrange it as soon as possible."

"By the 19th at the latest."

Wen Yu was behind the curtains.

She planned to jump out and startle Jiang Yuhe when Jiang Yuhe came in, but when she saw him on the phone, she had to go back and wait.

But when there was no sound in the room, she wanted to come out again, only to find that-

Oh no, Jiang Yuhe was undressing as if he was going to take a bath.

And the shirt has been taken off, now a thin and strong back was facing her.

He was looking for clothes in front of the closet, and every time his movements changed, the muscle lines at his shoulder blades would rise and fall.

The picture was quite impactful.

Wen Yu swallowed her saliva at the sight.

She blushed with a rapid heartbeat, at a loss, and she could only hide away again.

It was no longer appropriate to come out now, and it would be even more inappropriate to come out later after he washed.

He must think she was a voyeur, right

Forget it, let's wait for him to go to the bath and sneak down to meet him formally in the living room.

Wen Yu made up her mind and backed away, carefully hiding behind the curtains.

She saw Jiang Yuhe picking up his phone, and she didn't know who he was going to call now.

...He was really busy.

The idea just appeared, and the phone in Wen Yu's pocket rang.

It was absolutely amazing.

The clear ringing sound suddenly rang in the quiet bedroom.


It turned out he was calling her

...But she forgot to turn her phone off! Quiet! Silent!

Wen Yu had a numb scalp.

She hurriedly took out the phone and changed it to mute.

At the same time, she prayed in her heart, ‘He didn't hear it, didn’t hear!’

But it was impossible.

From behind the curtain, Wen Yu’s blurred sight saw Jiang Yuhe turn around.

He looked straight at where she was hiding.

While putting on the shirt he had taken off again, he picked up a remote control on the bed and pressed it.

The curtains began to pull back automatically.


She moved in small steps with the curtain until she finally reached the end, standing in the corner of the French windows without any cover.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds.

Jiang Yuhe had already put on his shirt again, but left two buttons undone at the collar.

Now he looked at her for a while, waiting for her to speak.

Wen Yu opened her mouth.

Although she was embarrassed enough to burrow into the corner of the room, she still worked hard to follow the process she had planned.


The air was extremely quiet.

A long time later.

Jiang Yuhe only pursed his lips and smirked twice, walked to her, lowered his eyebrows to look at her.

"Why Y3's handsome guys are not good-looking enough that you want to hide here and look at me"

Wen Yu was still thinking how to explain her embarrassing behavior, but didn't expect Jiang Yuhe to help her think of an excuse.

She nodded immediately.

"Yes, those brothers are too bad.

They’re not as good as my brother.

You are still the best-looking."

After she finished talking, she pretended to be relaxed and joked, "I just didn't expect my brother to be quite conservative."

Seeing that he still put on his clothes shyly...

After Wen Yu waited for a long time to find that the joke seemed ineffective, she raised her head and saw Jiang Yuhe looking at her patiently.

Although he didn't speak, the meaning in his eyes was very obvious.

It seemed to be asking her...

“Are you sure Do you want me to not be so conservative”


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