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Misplaced Hope (3)

But when he remembered the strange woman downstairs, he felt as if he had contradicted himself.

He closed his eyes tiredly and impatiently, then unbuttoned his shirt.

Suddenly, he remembered something and went to his study to turn on the computer.

The guest list and employee list of the concert had already been sent to his inbox, but he had been busy after returning from Jiangcheng, so he had not yet been able to look at it.

There were thirty guests, most of whom were entertainers and he had seen them that evening.

There were 10 guests from other different industries and the background information was also compiled.

Six men and four women, and two out of the four women are middle-aged.

From the remaining two young women, one was a foreigner with short blond hair and the other was a small town actress called Zhao Wenjing.

From the photographs, her figure was close to the mysterious woman of the night, especially since both had the same long hair.

Its just that her looks were not what he imagined.

In any case, Jiang Yuhe temporarily noted down the name.

The next morning, in the face of the reality of her own dependency.

Wen Yu, a low-class citizen, got up early to butter up to Jiang Yuhe by sending him off to work.

In reality, she needed to pee.

She woke up at 5AM in the morning, clumsily went to the bathroom and couldnt get back to sleep.

Then she just happened to hear Aunt Shier getting up next door so she went to help to form a relationship with other members of the household.

Since Aunt Shier got up at 6:00AM to make breakfast, she expected the Young Master to also be an early riser.

But Wen Yu sat in the living room till 8:30AM.

The sun had completely illuminated the entire living room, but there was no sign of activity upstairs.

While waiting, the people from the sanatorium delivered the wheelchair and some oral medication.

Wen Yu switched to her new wheelchair and found out from Aunt Shier that the wheelchair she used last night belonged to Mrs.


She was on holiday, traveling abroad for recuperation with her eldest granddaughter and will be back after a while.

It turns out that Jiang Yuhe had an older sister.

Wen Yu thought to herself that she had to deal with Shen Mingjia before the older sister came back.

After all, her act could not last for a lifetime and the more people there were, the more likely it was to go wrong.

At last, around 9AM Jiang Yuhe came downstairs.

Beneath the open black suit jacket was a black shirt.

Like the black, white and gray decorating style of the house, you could not find any color on the mans body.

It made him appear very difficult to approach.

Though her mind was in a whirl, when his footsteps approached her, Wen Yu changed into her professional greeting face seamlessly.

“Good morning, Brother.”

However, he did not look at her nor did he stop.

He merely said to Aunt Shier, “I wont eat breakfast.” Then he left.

Wen Yu, who had been completely ignored, opened her mouth, somewhat embarrassed.

This type of interaction was insufficient, even if she stayed in his house.

If he refused to have anything to do with her then his thigh would feel lonely**.

Just as she was watching the mans figure leave, Wen Yu suddenly saw something fall off him.

A tiny grain of metal shone on the carpet.

She immediately rolled her wheelchair over and discovered that it was a cuff link.

Here was an opportunity.

Wen Yu immediately opened the door and chased him.

Perhaps it was because the old Mrs.

Jiang also used a wheelchair at home, so there was a ramp at the front door.

 Wen Yu slipped smoothly through the villa gate and saw Jiang Yuhe getting into the car.

She quickly called out, “Brother, you dropped something.”

Jiang Yuhes figure stopped and looked over.

In the front seat Lao He exclaimed in surprise, “Boss, you brought the girl back”

The bodyguard standing next to him, Li Bai, looked at his boss too.

Wen Yu did not notice their strange expressions and approached Jiang Yuhe in her wheelchair.

She showed him his cufflinks.

“You dropped it on the carpet at the door.”

Knowing this was an opportunity to build relations, Wen Yu took the initiative to hold the mans cuffs.

“Ill put it on for you.”

When she first ordered cufflinks for Shen Mingjia, Wen Yu also learned how to put them on someone in advance.

She had imagined her first time putting on cufflinks for her boyfriend many times, but now her skills are all used on the man in front of her.

So this was what its like to help a man to wear cufflinks…

Wen Yu was sad thinking about it.

The first time had been given away.

I hope the man in front of me is grateful.

With such a wish, Wen Yu pressed the cufflink firmly and smiled.

“Thats it.”

Jiang Yuhe looked down.

Wen Yu waited for him to speak.

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Whatever he said would be acceptable.

But half a second later, without a word, the man leaned down and entered the car.

He smoothly closed the door and windows, then left.

Wen Yu only got a mouthful of tailpipe gas.


Misplaced hope.

** Alluding to the fact that she wants to 抱大腿 , which is a Chinese phrase meaning to hold someones thigh or cling to somebody influential or famous to gain benefits.


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