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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 155

As the weather got warmer, he had just returned from a friend's tea tasting, still wearing his gold-rimmed glasses, but his previously conservative, white shirt was casually unbuttoned showing his neckline tonight, and there was a bit of laziness under the night breeze.

Wen Qingyou saw Jiang Yuhe first, and proactively stretched out his hand.

"Long time no see, President Jiang."

He still maintained a wait and see attitude towards this man, so the greeting was very formal.

Jiang Yuhe responded indifferently.

"Long time no see."

Wen Yu and Jiang Lingwei walked behind him.

The two hit it off.

Wen Yu pointed to Wen Qingyou's car and said, "Sister, I'm leaving first.

My brother is here to pick me up."

Jiang Lingwei drank a little tonight, and pulled at Wen Yu not wanting to let go.

"Your brother Then let’s get to know each other, and discuss in advance to recognize his sister as a god-sister of the Jiang family."


Jiang Lingwei walked towards the front and up to Jiang Yuhe's side.

She raised her head, but as she was about to speak, the words froze in her throat.

The tipsy feeling also seemed to dissipate by more than half.

Wen Yu thought that Jiang Lingwei was struck by her brother's handsome appearance, and stepped forward to introduce them, "Sister, this is my brother, Song Qingyou.

He and my mother have the same last name."

She said to Wen Qingyou, "Brother, this is Sister Jiang, Jiang's family’s young lady, Jiang Lingwei."

Wen Qingyou's eyes flickered imperceptibly behind his lenses, and soon disappeared.

He stretched out his hand very naturally.

"Hello, Miss Jiang."

Jiang Lingwei cleared her throat and shook his hand, "Hi."

Jiang Yuhe didn't notice these subtle abnormalities.

The only thing he cared about right now was that Wen Qingyou came, and he seemed to have no excuse to send Wen Yu home.

This brother seemed to always like to snatch Wen Yu away from him, last time, and this time again.

Jiang Yuhe hated being controlled, so his possessiveness became even more aggressive.

He directly addressed Wen Yu and said, "What about your contract"

The night breeze was slightly cool, and Wen Yu was stunned, "What contract"

"I'm leaving tomorrow.

How can we collaborate if you have not given me your contract”


‘My God, you didn't say it before but now you say it!’

But since Jiang Yuhe agreed to collaborate, Wen Yu was still very happy.

"Then I will go to the company to sort it out tomorrow, and I will send it to your email.

Is that okay"

"No, I must see it today." Jiang Yuhe glanced at his watch and said forcefully, "I will only give you two hours to write it out in front of me."


Wen Yu was at a loss for a while, paused, and looked at Wen Qingyou, "Then I should go write the contract"

Unexpectedly, her brother didn't object.

"If President Jiang wants you to write the contract, you can write it.

I can accompany you over."

After he finished speaking, he looked at Jiang Lingwei with a profound meaning, "Anyway, Miss Jiang seems to have something to discuss with me"


Jiang Lingwei completely woke up from the alcohol at this moment, not only woke up, but also remembered a lot of the past.

She was not very willing to expose her secrets in front of her younger brother and new sister, so she coughed, and grabbed Wen Yu.

"Then let’s go quickly."

She didn't know why, Wen Yu felt that this group of people was suddenly weird.

But the cooperation couldn't stop.

Since Jiang Yuhe had spoken, she must seize this opportunity.

The two cars drove one after the other towards the hotel where Jiang Yuhe was staying.

It was just a quarter of an hour after ten o'clock.

When he arrived at the hotel, Jiang Yuhe took Wen Yu directly back to his room.

"My computer is on the desk.

Write it yourself."


To be honest, Wen Yu hadn't formally written a contract before.

She had seen a lot in Jiang Yuhe's office before, but in practice, she was not sure whether she could write it well.

But right now she could only bite the bullet.

Wen Yu turned on the computer and saw that Jiang Yuhe's screen was full of various documents and contract materials, which dazzled her.

But she didn't dare to be distracted, quickly opened a blank document and wrote the contract.

As she wrote, Jiang Yuhe acted like she was not in his room.

He took off his coat in front of her, answered his phone, and went outside to smoke.


Wen Yu didn't expect that the first time in her life she wrote such a major contract was in the boss' hotel room.

While typing seriously on the keyboard, she occasionally glanced at the man standing on the balcony.

He had a cigarette between his fingers and she didn't know who he was talking to.

The smoke was lingering in the night, hazy outlining his jaw line with an inexplicable coldness.

Wen Yu watched for a while, and Jiang Yuhe suddenly turned around.

The two gazed at each other.

As if peeking at a picture book in class and was discovered by the class teacher, Wen Yu immediately retracted her gaze with a guilty conscience, and sat upright again to continue writing.

After a while, Jiang Yuhe came in after his call.

The carpet was very soft.

He walked in almost without sound, but the aura on his body was enough to make Wen Yu's heart beat like a drum.

He walked behind Wen Yu and looked at the screen like a teacher observing a student in an exam.

"Only wrote this much in half an hour"


Before Wen Yu could explain herself, Jiang Yuhe walked away again.


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