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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 152

Are You Courting Me (3)

On the way, Wen Yu confessed her thoughts with Wen Qingyou.

"If the company can jointly operate on such a big IP with Yasheng, we will take advantage of it, and the follow-up income will definitely far exceed the original investment of this IP."

Wen Qingyou asked, "Did he agree"

This kind of cooperation clearly meant poverty alleviation.

Does an industry giant like Yasheng need to cooperate with a small company like Wen Yu

In fact, Wen Yu was not so sure.

"I think he will agree."

You think

Wen Qingyou shook his head helplessly.

He thought that bringing Wen Yu back to Jiangcheng would end the complicated relationship with Jiang Yuhe.

Who would know that the two were still entangled together

"Why did he ask you to go to the club"

"What else can I do in a nightclub," Wen Yu replied casually, "Of course it's to have fun."

Wen Qingyou asked, "What if you get drunk"

Wen Yu responded with, "Go home and sleep when I get drunk."


So naive.

After all, the grown up little sister will not stay little, and her mind was on others, so it's useless no matter how he tried to pull her back.

Although Wen Qingyou couldn’t interfere with some things, at least, under the premise of such an unclear relationship between the two, Wen Qingyou must help his sister in certain aspects.

What a man was like.

When a man was drunk at a club

He knew it best.

Wen Qingyou glanced at his watch.

"I can meet a friend nearby, and I will pick you up around ten o'clock."

"...No need.

I can just take a taxi myself."

"Then a little earlier, nine o'clock" Wen Qingyou couldn't be refused.

"...Fine, ten o'clock."

Y3 bar...

Wen Yu thought that her initiative had been rewarded.

She was dressed up to attend the event.

She was filled with confidence ready to stunningly enter the stage, but saw a beautiful woman sitting next to Jiang Yuhe in advance.

Both the distance and the posture of their conversation are different from the intimacy of ordinary people.

Wen Yu quickly recognized that she was the beautiful woman who appeared in the restaurant that day.

Yasheng Entertainment was like an imperial harem where countless women gather.

There were countless top tier stars and various factions fought for power.

Jiang Yuhe was in the highest position, and there was no woman he could not get.

Previously Li Man and later Sang Chen, he was rumored to have slept with them before they had a chance to be on top.

And she hadn't been in Beijing for a month.

Maybe this is a newcomer after Sang Chen.

Wen Yu suddenly felt a little moody, and even wanted to turn around and leave, but the beautiful woman took the lead in saying hello, "Hey Little Sister! Come and sit, don't stand there!"

After she finished asking, "Whose friend is she"

Jiang Lingwei didn’t like private rooms.

She liked to interact with DJs in the lively location of the dance floor and experience the nightclub culture of each city.

Therefore, she chose a booth tonight.

She was so proactive, and it would seem a bit funny to walk away.

Okay, people can lose but the bearing cannot be lost.

Wen Yu settled down and started to find a place to sit.

The booth was circular, and Jiang Yuhe's side was already filled.

On the left was Jiang Lingwei, on the right was Li Bai.

At this moment Li Bai got up and sat aside, then said to Wen Yu, "Sit where I was."

‘What's the matter Do you still plan to hug a beauty on the left and the right Don't even think about it, I can take the initiative but I am never humble.’

"No need." Wen Yu sat down facing Jiang Yuhe with a smile, and pointed to the DJ on the stage.

"The view here is good.

It's convenient to see handsome guys."


Jiang Yuhe also retracted his gaze.

"You decide."

Jiang Lingwei realized that Wen Yu was the person Jiang Yuhe had called.

After a closer look, she found that it was the little girl she met in the restaurant that day.

Her lips were red and teeth were white.

She was beautiful and had a good figure.

The sister suddenly had the feeling of

going on a blind date for her younger brother.

"Does Little Sister have a boyfriend" Jiang Lingwei chatted with Wen Yu intimately.

Wen Yu glanced at Jiang Yuhe.

‘What do you mean This woman sits next to you and asks if I have a boyfriend What do you want to imply Imply that he is yours Let me not think about it.’

Wen Yu smiled.


Jiang Lingwei immediately got interested, "Then how about I introduce one to you"

Wen Yu glanced at Jiang Yuhe again.

‘Are you responding Someone wants to introduce me to a boyfriend.’

Jiang Yuhe just leaned on the sofa.

Not only was he silent, he didn't even pay attention to the conversation between the two women.

Wen Yu was angry.

But you had to reply elegantly when you were angry.

"No, there are too many people chasing me.

I can't handle it."


The little girl was kind of prickly.

When the DJ on the floor started mixing songs and singing, Jiang Lingwei was distracted, paused the conversation with Wen Yu, and told everyone excitedly.

"Don't sit down! This is a bar, not a Buddhist hall!"

Li Bai was pulled by Jiang Lingwei to dance on the dance floor.

Only Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe were left in the booth.

Wen Yu looked forward very calmly, searching for other handsome guys seriously.

After a few seconds, Jiang Yuhe sat upright, poured her a glass of wine, and asked carelessly.

"Can't handle it, but still have time to come handle me"

Under the strong electronic rhythm, his low-pitched voice sounded like sand that rasped across her cheeks, slowly piercing into her ears, hooking an unknown nerve.

It's itchy and irritating.

But Wen Yu didn't want to talk to him for the next minute.

Pushing the wine away...

"Then are you courting me Why didn't I know"


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