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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 151

Are You Courting Me (2)

Wen Yu didn't know why.

She used to think she was domineering and hated her, and liked to argue with her, but now when she looked at her, she only felt this woman was naive and ridiculous.

Probably after following Jiang Yuhe's side for a long time, her world has grown bigger, and disdained to bother with such a person.

Wen Yu beckoned, and briefly said that she was being disturbed.

The waiter immediately asked Zhao Wenjing to leave.

"Sorry Miss, if you can sit somewhere else"

Zhao Wenjing hated Wen Yu's pretentiousness, and felt that she was just using silence to cover up her incompetence.

"Weren’t you very powerful last time What You were dumped by President Jiang, right Who are you attached to now Oh, I heard that your father's secretary is the first in line"

Wen Yu raised her head again, before words came out of her lips.

Several waiters rushed over and gestured to Zhao Wenjing to leave.

"Sorry Miss, the whole restaurant has just been reserved.

Please go out first, and don't disturb our guests."

"Private venue" Zhao Wenjing was taken aback and looked around, "Who is it"

As soon as her voice fell, a figure slowly took a seat in front of her, and his cold eyes swept over.


Zhao Wenjing immediately understood something, but she couldn't believe it.

Her hands squeezed her bag strap tightly.

Her lips moved twice, but she couldn't make a sound.

Jiang Yuhe didn't even look at her, picked up the menu, and said faintly to the air, "Can you disappear"

Zhao Wenjing stood up stiffly, still unwilling and wanted to say something, but fortunately a few plastic female friends pulled her in time, and the group left the restaurant in embarrassment.

After they left, Jiang Yuhe raised his eyes and asked Wen Yu, "If others make trouble for you, will you suffer silently"

Wen Yu wanted to explain that she just didn't want to talk with fools about her shortcomings, but she changed her words when the words reached her lips.

"Because I know my brother will protect me."


"Speaking of which," Wen Yu remembered the orchestra she was invited by Zhao Wenjing to perform at her birthday party a few months ago.

Changing the topic, she quietly asked, "Did Zhao Wenjing invite Mr.

Liu's orchestra to play for her birthday For them to not go, did you help me vent my anger and asked them not to turn up"

Jiang Yuhe put down the menu and looked at her, "Do you think you have such charm"

Wen Yu thought about it for a few seconds.


"Yeah." Jiang Yuhe said indifferently, "That's why I was deceived for three months."


‘Didn’t you jump a little bit too fast on this topic’

Jiang Yuhe's tone was very calm, so calm that Wen Yu couldn't tell whether he was still considering or had already accepted the facts.

The man casually ordered food with the waiter after he had finished speaking.

Wen Yu was completely uncertain, and looked at him blankly, "So are you still angry"

Jiang Yuhe paused, put down the menu and looked at her twice, when he was about to say something, the phone rang suddenly.

It was from Jiang Lingwei.



"You don't even call me for dinner.

Is there a woman keeping you outside"

"Speak directly."

"I told you about the Y3 nightclub previously.

Before we leave, accompany your sister to make an appearance.

Tomorrow night, I will book a seat.

Remember to come."


Jiang Yuhe was still thinking about what reason he would use to see Wen Yu again before leaving, but now Jiang Lingwei seems to have given him a good excuse.

"Are you free tomorrow night"

Jiang Yuhe took the initiative to invite her to a nightclub, which was unexpected to Wen Yu.

She guessed that perhaps it was because many of the big names in the entertainment industry gathered in Jiangcheng in the past two days, and Jiang Yuhe was rarely here.

It was not a strange thing for everyone to gather together.

But was Jiang Yuhe’s willingness to bring her mean that their relationship was one step closer

So if she took the initiative, there could be stories that could come true!

With this belief, the next day Wen Yu sat at the dressing table for a long time during the afternoon.

The makeup should not be too thick, but not too plain, and the clothes should not be too formal, but not too ostentatious.

She acted like a little woman who was going on a date with her boyfriend.

Wen Yu tried seven or eight sets of clothes before finally standing in front of the full-length mirror.

A little neutral eyeshadow, the eyeliner gently outlines the corners of the eyes, the eyelashes are like a feather fan, and finally the lips are smudged with a misty cherry blossom red.

This makeup was very fresh, but with the black square-collar retro dress she chose, it also revealed a bit of lazy seduction.

At 7PM, Wen Yu was ready to leave when Wen Qingyou suddenly called.

He just came back from City B today.

He may have heard news about the auction and asked Wen Yu, "Why is the project suddenly changed Also, why are you entangled with him again"

This matter could not be explained in a short time, besides, Wen Yu was rushing to leave.

She could only reply to Wen Qingyou, "Brother, I will tell you tomorrow, okay I need to go out now."

Wen Qingyou replied, "I'm downstairs and preparing to go up.

Where are you going"


It's better to arrive opportunely than to arrive early.

Wen Qingyou acted as a driver and sent Wen Yu to the bar.


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