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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 150

Are You Courting Me (1)

Wen Yu just said half of the words on purpose, leaving Jiang Yuhe some room for his own imagination.

Unexpectedly, it really hooked this person back.


Wen Yu deliberately pretended to be stupid.

"If you can't sleep, I can video chat with you, sing for you, or buy you aromatherapy, and find hypnotic music for you..."

She tried her best to describe her thoughtfulness, but Jiang Yuhe smiled suddenly, "Is that interesting"


Wen Yu gave an innocent look, "Then what do you think is interesting"

‘Say it.

If you have the ability then speak!’

Jiang Yuhe was annoyed by her pretending to the point that his teeth and tongue started to itch.

He turned to look at the front of the car and nodded, "Okay."

Sooner or later, he will pay back all the tricks the woman had used on him.

"Then Brother, have you agreed to collaborate"

"I’ll think about it."


Wen Yu looked out the window, “Well, it’s okay.

I won’t force my brother.

Anyway, I mortgaged my car, house, and all my bags for 15 million.

It’s okay, you don’t have to sympathize with me.”

"No problem, I have no time to sympathize with you."


They couldn’t chat any further.

‘Okay, I know that you are cold-blooded and ruthless, and my dowry is not enough in your eyes.’

At this time, the driver asked Jiang Yuhe.

"Boss, are you going directly to the restaurant now"

Jiang Yuhe grumbled.

Wen Yu had originally planned to let the driver pull over and park, but when she heard this, she immediately sat upright.

"Brother, are you going to eat"

Jiang Yuhe looked over, "Is there a problem"

"Of course not." Wen Yu always keeps in mind the principle of taking the initiative to create a story, "Just that I am a little hungry.

Can we go together"

The car was driving, and after a while, Wen Yu heard Jiang Yuhe replied indifferently, "Whatever."

‘Since you said whatever, then when I act like whatever.

I won’t be polite.’

Wen Yu happily began to introduce Jiang Yuhe’s to famous restaurants in Jiangcheng, from Eastern to Western, private kitchens to small cafeterias, but of all the excellent restaurants she said she had tasted, Jiang Yuhe did not choose any of them in the end.

The car stopped in front of a French restaurant.

"Get off." Jiang Yuhe said.

Wen Yu looked out the window blankly.

This restaurant specialized in French cuisine.

The dishes were expensive and professional.

The ingredients were delivered by air every day, and the chefs stationed were also French Michelin-level.

But the most attractive thing about their store was the restaurant environment.

It was located on the first floor of a five-star hotel.

There were only couple seats, and the sun-filled grass was outside the window.

There were flowers everywhere in the restaurant, and the overall atmosphere was full of strong French romance.

Wen Yu thought about eating with her boyfriend there when it first opened, and enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by romance.

But at that time, Shen Mingjia was filming overseas.


In the end, the first man to take her here turned out to be Jiang Yuhe.

Therefore, it was destined to be him from the beginning.

People who came here were lovers by default.

Wen Yu was immersed in her satisfaction and smiled secretly.

Jiang Yuhe intuitively felt that she was thinking about something related to himself and asked, "What are you laughing about"

Of course, Wen Yu would not tell him, but only twitched and asked, "Why did you think of taking me here for dinner"

Jiang Yuhe replied,  "I live in the hotel upstairs."



So it’s just along the way, the principle of proximity

Wen Yu was silent for a while, comforting herself.

It didn't matter.

It was not important.

The way there was also arranged by heaven.

Why didn't they go on the way to other places but ended up here

Obviously God would bind them as a pair.

Wen Yu felt better when she thought of this.

She opened the menu happily.

"Then Brother, what shall we eat"

Jiang Yuhe's cell phone rang at this time, he glanced at it and got up.

"You order yourself, I'll go smoke a cigarette."


After Jiang Yuhe left, Wen Yu looked at the menu seriously.

"I want an onion mushroom truffle soup, lobster, and two beef short ribs..."

"Hey, isn't this Wen Yu" A discordant voice suddenly sounded.

Wen Yu came back for a month and knew that one day she would meet Zhao Wenjing, but she didn't expect it to be here today.

Not surprisingly, this kind of place was originally the type of place she had always liked to go in and out of before.

Zhao Wenjing didn't act like a stranger and sat down.

"I heard that you are back, so why didn't you come out to have fun."

Wen Yu looked at the menu calmly.

"I'm very busy."

"Yeah, are you busy with opening your small company" Zhao Wenjing sarcastically told the girls who accompanied her.

"Did you know that Wen Yu opened a company It's in the office building on Shengyang Road.

Do you know how big it is 100m2 eh"

Zhao Wenjing still remembered how Wen Yu sabotaged her meeting with Jiang Yuhe last time.

Now that she finally saw her return to Jiangcheng in a lower position, she started a shabby small company.

She guessed it must be because Jiang Yuhe dumped her.

Zhao Wenjing ridiculed her, and the surrounding female companions also laughed.

Wen Yu raised her head and looked at Zhao Wenjing carefully.


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