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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 149

But You May Be Lacking Me...


"15 million." Wen Yu held up her card very calmly.

Zhou Yue’s whole body turned awkward.

“Are you crazy”

The budget they originally planned to use to shoot "The Pretty Woman in the Harem" was at 6 million, at most.

But now it has more than doubled.

Not only Zhou Yue, but almost all the participants in the venue focused on Wen Yu.

"Who is this person"

"I don't know, she’s pretty...

a newcomer."

"Her guts are too big.

Do you know who you are fighting against."

"I'm afraid that once she offends President Jiang, she won’t last."

"I would say that she is a newborn calf that is not afraid of a tiger.

She has courage.

A newcomer calf has nothing to lose."

There was a lot of discussion, and the host on the stage began to finalize the bid.

"15 million going once."

"15 million going twice!"

When the second question was reached, Jiang Yuhe tidied the front of his suit, got up, and left the venue with his entourage.

A group of black figures made the entire hall seem to feel a certain cold chill.

So when the host shouted that the deal was made, as if he was afraid of disturbing him, he did not dare to be so loud.

Wen Yu succeeded in snatching the most valuable IP from the tiger Jiang Yuhe.

When she was told that the bid was successful, she was thrilled and excited.

At this time, Zhou Yue had already begun to frantically calculate how to pay such a huge sum of money, but Wen Yu secretly left the scene.

"Brother Yue, I'm going out for a bit."

Wen Yu rushed to the outside of the venue and saw Jiang Yuhe bending to enter a van and was about to leave.

She chased after the car immediately, "Brother!"

With the window open, Jiang Yuhe sat in the back row, looking up at her lightly.

"Looking for me"

"I got your favorite IP."

"Do you want me to congratulate you"

"No..." Wen Yu pursed her lips, "I want to talk about a collaboration with you."

Jiangcheng was warm, and the sun at ten o'clock in the morning conveyed spring beauty, just like the scenery in front of him, beautiful and alluring.

Wen Yu put on makeup, probably for the sake of formality she applied a bright red on her lips, and her red lips collided with white teeth when she spoke.

Dazzling people's eyes.

Although Jiang Yuhe didn't want to admit it, at that moment in the guest bedroom in the morning, he was really very close to kissing her.

And he knew that once the kiss happens, the situation will go out of control.

He did his best to show his indifference and carelessness in front of Wen Yu, but he didn't know that the fanaticism that was repeatedly restrained grew even more turbulent.

Jiang Yuhe looked away, not looking at her lips, and asked indifferently, "What kind of collaboration can you have with me"

"How do I say this This IP was also selected by us before, and now that I have won it.

I can't complete such a big project alone—"

"You can’t finish it but still want to film it"

"Because I want my brother to continue teaching me." Wen Yu blinked, "I am willing to give the IP to Yasheng for free, but I only hope that my company will participate in the whole process when the project is running, and give me a chance to learn."

Jiang Yuhe paused for a while, and finally understood the purpose of this woman's sudden challenge to grab the project herself.

There were always so many clever ideas, Little foxes are usually cunning.

Jiang Yuhe smiled softly in his heart and looked at her.

"Do you think I lack your 15 million"


Of course Jiang Yuhe was not short of money, and 15 million would not make him blink an eye.

Wen Yu bit her lip, thinking that since she had done many unreserved things last night, she closed her eyes.

"But you may be lacking me."


"We can work together, right I can chat with you when you are bored, I can accompany you to eat when you are hungry, I can make coffee for you when you are thirsty, and if you can’t sleep I can also- anyway, don't you think this type of life will be very happy and fairytale-like"

‘Promise me quickly! Hurry up ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! I took out my dowry and savings to reconcile with you! Jiang Yuhe, I advise you not to ignore other people’s kindness!’

However, after two seconds of silence, Jiang Yuhe just curled up his lips for unknown reasons, then raised the window and said, "Drive."


The van drove slowly away from in front of her.

Just left

Wen Yu stood there in a daze, her mind buzzed, she felt that the plot shouldn't proceed this way.

Zhou Yue also came out of the event hall at some point, walked up to her and said, "I just calculated it.

If we took out all the working capital, we can just cover the copyright fee, but the company will have almost no ability to operate after."

Wen Yu looked at the back of the van and shook her head.

"I didn't plan to operate alone."

The IP that Jiang Yuhe liked originally possessed infinite value.

Wen Yu never worried that she would pick up a hot potato.

If Jiang Yuhe didn't agree with her, she would resell the IP again.

There were plenty of people who wanted it.

It's just that it would have nothing to do with Jiang Yuhe anymore.

Zhou Yue didn’t know what Wen Yu was thinking, but he knew that this woman was very smart and had her own reasons for everything, so he reached out and patted her shoulder twice.

“It’s okay, no matter what you decide, I-"

Before he finished speaking, a van suddenly approached from far away, and backed up to Wen Yu's side.

The dust had kicked up, and the tires against the ground made a harsh sound.

The door opened, Jiang Yuhe got out of the car, and the tall black figure directly moved Wen Yu away from under Zhou Yue's hands.

Then he squeezed her into the car involuntarily.

The car drove out quickly again.

Wen Yu was a little confused, and paused.

"...Why are you back again"

Jiang Yuhe's gaze was coldly retracted from Zhou Yue in the rearview mirror, and the energy that had been twisted in his heart for two days became more and more irrational.

"Finish your words from just then." He loosened his tie, tried to calm down, turned and looked at Wen Yu's eyes...

"What will you do if I can't sleep"


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