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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 148

But You May Be Lacking Me...


You Xin tutted twice, "No, you must have missed something."

When she said that, Wen Yu reflected on the session and found that she really seemed to have forgotten one of the most important steps.

A forced kiss!

Maybe she was taken aback by his sudden appearance.

When she confessed yesterday, she was too nervous.

Sitting on his thighs had already broken her moral limit.

She completely forgot about the ultimate trick of a forced kiss from before.

Wen Yu's face on this side of the phone was slightly hot, and You Xin, who didn't know, was still talking.

“President Jiang will be back the day after tomorrow, right If there is no substantial progress when you two meet this time, then wait for him to leave.

As time goes by, he’ll be busy with his things and you’ll be busy with your things.

Jiangcheng and Beijing are so far apart, the relationship will slowly become distant."

"If you don't want to have a relationship with him, it would be fine to end it like this."

Wen Yu understood this truth.

A man as proud as Jiang Yuhe, someone that the whole world revolves around, was willing to bow his head to find her this once.

There would never be a second time.

"But if you don't want to give up," You Xin smiled.

"If you take the initiative, you can continue your story.”

Jiangcheng National Cultural Center.

What was being held here today was the annual film and television copyright auction conference.

There will be dozens of outstanding IPs that have attracted much attention at the moment for public auction.

Countless investors, film and television capitalists were gathered here today.

It was the first time for Wen Yu to participate in this kind of event, and also the first time to participate as an investor.

She put on a slightly intimidating professional white skirt suit.

Although white was very low-key, it still attracted a lot of people's attention when entering the venue.

There, among a group of investors who were large and round, and mostly male, Wen Yu's appearance was like a delicate flower accidentally falling into the mortal world, and these people were scrambling to become the soil under her feet.

Li Bai turned his eyes and reminded Jiang Yuhe in a low voice.

"Miss Wen is here."

The bidding positions were arranged in advance by the organizer.

Jiang Yuhe was in the best viewing position in the middle towards the left, and Wen Yu's company was arranged at the corner of the front row because their company was the smallest in scale.

Unfortunately, the experience of watching movies was also not good.

Jiang Yuhe watched her and Zhou Yue take their seats, and Zhou Yue also helped support her shoulders very intimately.

An intimate feel.

He glanced blankly, then retracted.

After a pause, his phone suddenly buzzed.

yuyu: [Brother I am in the first row, where are you]

yuyu: [Which one will you bid on]

Jiang Yuhe turned off his phone and didn't reply.

Wen Yu didn't wait for Jiang Yuhe's reply, turned her head and swept her eyes in a circle around the venue, then finally saw him in the middle position.

He leaned sideways and said something to the copyright director beside him.

The line of his jaw rose and fell with the movement of his speech, and then extended to his Adam's apple; he looked serious yet sexy.

Wen Yu glanced at it and turned around.

Wen Yu did give up when she was in Beijing, because she knew that those who had annoyed Jiang Yuhe would not have a second chance, so she never even fought for it.

But now, he didn't delete her WeChat, he even came to Jiangcheng to look for her, slept innocently with her all night, and left a shirt for her.

Every detail of this made Wen Yu's dead heart rekindle, and the fire was getting stronger and stronger.

He will go back the day after tomorrow.

If she didn’t take any further actions, would they be over

You Xin's words were still in her ears.

"If you take the initiative, you can continue your story."

Zhou Yue reminded Wen Yu at this time.

"The eighth one is "The Pretty Woman in the Harem".

Let's prepare."

Wen Yu glanced at the IP information in her hand, slowly shifting her gaze from "The Pretty Woman in the Harem", which she originally wanted to bid on, to "The Moment I Fall in Love with You", which she didn't even dare to think about before.

"The Moment I Fall in Love with You" was a hot youth IP drama.

It was the main IP that was unanimously praised before.

Even Jiang Yuhe was optimistic, indicating that this IP had unlimited potential.

How could Wen Yu keep Jiang Yuhe, or how to make the two get involved in a relationship again, under a reasonable situation

She stared at the line of names in front of her, and slowly got an idea.

She needed to be like a lotus root, where even when broken, strands will appear to connect the broken halves.

She must be bold and proactive.

The auction started.

One by one IP passed, and there was no one bidding on Yasheng's side.

Wen Yu knew exactly which project they wanted, so she stayed still.

When it came time for "The Pretty Woman in the Harem", there was no response.

Zhou Yue asked her, "Aren't you going to bid on this"

Wen Yu replied, "I have changed my mind now."

"..." Zhou Yue furrowed his eyebrows, lowered his voice and approached Wen Yu, "Our budget and market research are all for this IP.

Will you suddenly change your mind now"

Wen Yu smiled at him and said, "Don't worry, Brother Yue.

I don't do business on losses.

Trust me."

The two leaned together so close, they talked and started to laugh.

Jiang Yuhe looked back again, but changed his sitting posture irritably.

"The following youth idol inspirational novel "The Moment I Fall in Love with You" to be auctioned has a starting price of 2 million yuan." The host announced the reserve price.

One after another, someone shouted.

"3 million."

"4 million."

"5 million."

Finally, under the authorization of Jiang Yuhe, the director of the copyright department directly raised a placard.

"10 million."

When the price came out, everyone was amazed.

But looking at the bidding party, everyone understood that the wealthy Yasheng had never failed to get what he wanted.

After 10 million, no one bid again.

In other words, no one dared to challenge Yasheng's financial resources.

"10 million going once."

"10 million going twice."

"10 million-"

"11 million." A woman's voice sounded from the front row.

The whole venue exploded, and they followed their voices, trying to see which company had such courage to challenge Yasheng.

Jiang Yuhe also raised his gaze, without needing to look around, and looked straight at Wen Yu.

With a light gaze, the copyright director next to him understood.

"13 million."

"Ho...!" The battle started!


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