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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 147

But You May Be Lacking Me...


Wen Yu didn't know when she fell asleep.

She only remembered that after being arbitrarily held in the arms of Jiang Yuhe, she struggled a few times at first, but the man seemed to be only semi-awake from his dreams and held her even tighter.

The feeling of being deeply held in his arms does indeed give a much stronger sense of security than what the shirt brought.

Wen Yu quickly indulged in it, and under the mixed selfishness and delusion, she indulged and acquiesced to such a result.

She pursed her lips while lying in Jiang Yuhe's arms, listening to his even breathing, feeling the heartbeat in his chest, and the temperature of his body, gradually blended with her own.

The smile from the bottom of her heart couldn't be hidden at all, and it burst forth in the darkness.

Wen Yu closed her eyes, leaned against the man's arms, and had the most stable sleep she has had in the last month.

Even the dreams she had carried a scent of spring and romance.

This feeling continued until Wen Yu woke up the next day.

She consciously returned to reality, but she was reluctant to open her eyes.

The corners of her mouth couldn't stop smiling, until a voice faintly fell.

"Don't want to wake up yet"

Wen Yu was reminiscing about her dreams when her smile froze, opened her eyes, and saw Jiang Yuhe's elbows bent, hand supporting his face.

He was looking at her.

He should have been looking at her for a long time.

Wen Yu didn't know why she was so embarrassed.

It felt like the next day in the bridal chambers after a wedding night.

She covered her face with a quilt.

"Why are you looking at me like that"

"I want to know why you are in my bed."


After hearing this Wen Yu was stunned for a few seconds, then tore open the quilt.

"What did you say"

"I said, why did you climb on my bed" Jiang Yuhe repeated it gently.

What a jerk.

Wen Yu sat up directly on the bed with long messy hair scattered on her shoulders.

A fingertip pointed at herself.

"Me I climbed on your bed"

"Aren't you lying in the guest bed"

"But." Wen Yu opened her mouth, "You forcibly pulled me in!"

Although Wen Yu re-examined very unreservedly last night, she definitely wouldn't have crawled into his bed so frantically.

As she spoke, she went down and replayed the scene from last night...

"Here, then you stretched out your hand and you pulled me up like this! Then refused to let go!"

Wen Yu lay back beside Jiang Yuhe again and blinked.

With an expression showing the thought 'Do you remember’

The room was silent.

Jiang Yuhe watched her and did not speak for a long time, but his body slowly leaned down little by little.

Getting closer.

So close they were almost touching...

Wen Yu didn't know what he was going to do, but vaguely seemed to be able to guess what he was going to do.

If it wasn’t because he wanted to kiss her, then why was he leaning so close Did he want to analyze her pore size

Wen Yu's heart was beating a little fast.

Her hand was on his chest, and her breathing was quietly disordered unknowingly.

Last time the first kiss between the two came too quickly and suddenly, if it happened again this time...


Wen Yu was about to close her eyes.

But the next second...

Jiang Yuhe took the phone away from the pillow, then got up.

“I have no memory.”

Wen Yu looked at the ceiling, feeling that she was really humiliated this time.

‘Am I not beautiful enough or the phone is a lot more fun How could there be such a scum If you were grabbing your phone then just grab it.

Why did you give me such a seductive look’

Jiang Yuhe got out of bed and started putting on his jacket.

Wen Yu hurriedly grabbed the sleeve of his shirt when he got out of bed, she asked, "Aren't you going to return the shirt to me"

"Telling me to return my clothes to you" Jiang Yuhe also felt it was funny.

Wen Yu said pitifully, "But I'm used to sleeping in your shirt."

Obviously it was an ordinary sentence, but when Jiang Yuhe's ears heard, there was a feeling of provocation.

What made him more speechless was that he was so easily teased by the thought of Wen Yu wearing his shirt.

He hadn’t even seen it.

It was just a thought.

Jiang Yuhe turned his head to look at Wen Yu, and was quiet for a few seconds.

After a while, he restrained himself from saying what he wanted to say, and only said indifferently, "Didn't I change out of one yesterday"

Wen Yu reacted to what he meant, "Then why don't you change into that clean one."

Jiang Yuhe squinted at her.

"You’re very controlling."

Wen Yu choked, muttering to herself.

She put away the clean shirt.

When she came out, Jiang Yuhe was standing in front of the mirror, straightening out his clothes.

The neatly tailored suit perfectly complimented his refined aura.

Looking arrogant, sharp and calm, it was all mutually harmonizing.

"Brother." Wen Yu leaned against the wall, looked at him for a while, and asked tentatively about the situation of the re-examination last night, "So are we reconciled now"

Jiang Yuhe turned his head, walked over while tying his watch strap, and walked past her, saying, "What do you think"

Wen Yu didn't know what he meant by this wave of rhetorical questions.

She didn't have a chance to ask.

Jiang Yuhe opened the door after he was neatly dressed and left.

"Should I drive you" Wen Yu caught up with him and asked.

Jiang Yuhe turned his head and said coldly, "To sit in the position where your father’s son-in-law sat"


She was just thinking about what was his problem, and it turned out he was upset over Zhou Yue.

After closing the door, Wen Yu scolded a few words, warmed herself a cup of milk, and called You Xin on the way.

She explained the cause and effect, and finally asked her.

"What do you think he meant"

"It might mean he feels something for you, but he’s really angry, so came over to sleep with you for one night to get rid of his anger!"

"...Then it's over"

"Are you sure you have used up all your Valentine's Day routines"

"I'm sure.

I even used the ‘sit-on-his-lap- technique; the one shot kill weapon.

He seemed to be a little moved at the time, but he woke up today and changed back to that dead state."



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