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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 145

Say What You Need to Say, Don't Cry (3)

"I can obviously leave, and you don't know anything after I go, but I came back because I wanted to confess to you."

"And on the way to film a video to send to him, right"

Wen Yu hummed, sat up straight and shook her head when she reacted:

"Absolutely not."

"You didn't film anything" Jiang Yuhe didn't believe it.

"I did it." Wen Yu raised her hand and wiped her tears, and said aggrieved, "But I definitely didn't expose you at all.

I admit that I secretly photographed your work desk and made Shen Mingjia believe me.

I used your work desk, if you think it’s necessary.

I’ll go and say sorry to your work desk in person next time."


Jiang Yuhe was nearly confused by her words.

She didn't do anything wrong.

It was he who blamed her wrongly and hurt their brotherly and sisterly feelings.

Just **ing speechless.

Jiang Yuhe couldn't stand Wen Yu's crying.

When she was crying hard he didn't feel anything was wrong.

At this moment, she cried twice, then would stop to talk and was gasping for breath from time to time.

Both pretentious and charming.

He couldn’t seem to concentrate on her words, and his heart was itchy.

He looked at her, "Say what you need to say.

Don't cry."

Wen Yu was uncertain whether Jiang Yuhe's remarks were concessions or not.

After not getting along for a month, she was a little rusty with his temperament.

But at this time, Wen Yu had no other way.

Success or failure will be decided tonight.

Although the routine of Valentine’s Day was late, now that the first step had been taken, she had to shamelessly go through the whole process.


Wen Yu gritted her teeth and stood up suddenly.


Then she walked in front of Jiang Yuhe, Wen Yu decisively sat on his lap, looking like a broken jar or a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water hurting.

At this moment she had nothing to lose.

After blinking her wet eyelashes, she coquettishly popped out two words aggrievedly.

"I will cry."


"If you don't forgive me, I'm going to cry." On the way, she threatened fiercely.

"I can cry for two hours."

‘Just asking, are you afraid now’

The natural shower fragrance on the woman's body pierced into his breath, but Jiang Yuhe's face sank inexplicably, and his voice was cold.

"Do you like to sit on men"

Wen Yu was stunned, but she didn't expect him to react like this.

He’s changed… Changed… This man was not as easy to coax as before.

Wen Yu lowered her eyes, feeling that she might indeed have gone too far, paused, and planned to stand up and act honestly.

But at that moment when her legs were trying to stand up, a hand suddenly circled her from behind, pulling her back to sit down.

"Or do you think you can sit down on my lap if you want to sit, and you can leave if you want to go."


His words oozed coldness, but his hands were burning with heat.

He densely lit a fire on Wen Yu's waist.

Wen Yu's waist was very sensitive.

She squirmed uncomfortably twice, but was pulled back and encircled tighter.

"I'm asking you something."

This made the two almost stick together.

Wen Yu was taken aback, and reached out to push Jiang Yuhe's chest.

This subconscious action made Jiang Yu Yuhe smile.

"What Afraid"

Indeed, Wen Yu's heartbeat was a little fast at the moment.

But this was not fear.

She seemed to have never seen Jiang Yuhe so close, staring at him, his eyes were dark and oppressive, and his coldness was hard to calm down.

She didn't know why.

Maybe it was too windy tonight.

Wen Yu always had an illusion from the man's indifferent and restrained eyes.

She saw the gentleness hidden in the deepest part.

The conversation stopped there, and the air seemed to stop flowing at this moment.

The eyes of the two have never been so close together.

A window was open in the living room, and the warm wind blew in from time to time, blowing Wen Yu's long hair, passing over the back of the man's hand, and constantly amplifying the soft feeling under his hand.

The temperature was rising quietly, and the breath had long been entangled unknowingly.

Wen Yu could feel that Jiang Yuhe's eyes began to change when he looked at her.

There may be desires, but it was more a feeling of reluctantly giving in after the previous contradictory shock.

It's the kind of compromise that Wen Yu was familiar with.

Her nose was sore, she couldn't hold back and said softly.

"I was wrong.

Please forgive me, okay."

There was a pause, but after a long silence, "Brother."


After a long time, Jiang Yuhe let go.

"Get off." With a hoarse voice, he looked away, and finally realized that his inner preference for Wen Yu was already her biggest weapon.

A single call of Brother was enough.

He was helpless.

Jiang Yuhe was upset and picked up a random bottle of water on the table.

He was halfway through the drink before he noticed that Wen Yu looked at him blankly.

"What are you staring at"

Wen Yu's tears were still hanging on her face, and she swallowed.

"...It's nothing."

It’s just that she drank that bottle of water in the morning.

Her body was covered with wet tears, and the smell seemed to adhere to the skin, slowly permeating into the skin, making people uneasy.

Jiang Yuhe pressed his eyebrows, he didn't know why he wanted to come and suffer such a blow.

He stood up and walked to the window, turned his back to Wen Yu and began to unbutton his shirt button by button.

Wen Yu stood aside and looked silly, "You.

What are you doing..."

"Bring me my shirt."

Wen Yu felt guilty, "What shirt I don't understand."

Jiang Yuhe turned his head, "Do you think I would not know if you took a piece of clothing from my room."


Wen Yu only glanced at his tight waistline and then dropped her eyes, knowing that she couldn't hide anything from him.

Muttering as she went to the bedroom, she took out the black shirt.


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