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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 144

Say What You Need to Say, Don't Cry (2)

She raised her head and looked at Jiang Yuhe on the opposite side.

She wanted to say something several times, but she didn't seem to know how to speak when the words were almost on her lips.

After struggling in this way for a long time, Wen Yu finally gave up her self-esteem and pride she tried to maintain.

"I wanted to confess everything to you on Valentine's Day.

Who knew you found out in advance."

Summoning up the courage to say the first sentence, the grievances accumulated in her heart came out little by little.

"I have been mentally prepared for so long.

I practiced repeatedly at home hundreds of times.

I was afraid that you would not forgive me.

I deliberately chose Valentine's Day.

I also bought you a gift, wore a beautiful dress and sprayed on some nice smelling perfume."

"I want to confess everything to you, but you didn't give me the opportunity."

All kinds of emotions had been brewing.

They had settled in her heart for a month, and at this moment they collapsed and broke out.

Wen Yu's eyes were red.

Tears were in her eyes, but still stubbornly refused to flow out, "So what are you doing being so smart Can't you let me confess first"

Jiang Yuhe stared at Wen Yu's tears, paused, and looked out the window.

He didn't want to look at this face.

This face deceived him so many times with tears.

But forcing himself not to look at it didn’t bring peace to him.

Every time she sobbed once, his heart would twist once.

"Do I have to forgive you if you confess" he said forcefully.

"Even under law there is leniency if you confess.

If I take the initiative to confess, will you drive me away overnight Will you let me stand in the rain and cause me to have a high fever and pneumonia and pass out at home for a week"

Speaking of Wen Yu's grievance, that week, she had more needles in the back of her hand than all the other times she was stabbed by needles added up since childhood.


Jiang Yuhe frowned and wanted to ask about her illness.

He imagined that it was normal to get a high fever under such heavy rain.

It's just that he was too angry at the time.

Hhis emotions were in control, and he ignored this possibility.

Quiet for a while, Jiang Yuhe's tone softened.

"Feel better now"

"No." Wen Yu sniffed, "Now sometimes I still cough when I get a cold."

Wen Yu really coughed as she spoke.

The sound of coughing came one after another, almost like she wanted to cough out her lungs for him to see.


He watched her earnestly perform indifferently, but in the end he couldn't help but turn his head, suppressing the smile at the corners of his lips.

Finally, the familiar feelings appeared.

After Wen Yu had just indulged herself and told the truth.

She heard that Jiang Yuhe was willing to care about her, and suddenly felt that the relationship between them seemed not so irreparable.

He did not delete her WeChat.

He came to the house to find her.

He still cared about her now.

Of course this must be true.

She was fragile.

Were all the signs showing that she still had a chance

Wen Yu's confidence suddenly doubled.

She still kept sobbing, remembering the phrase "re-examination", took a sip of wine to become courageous, and thoroughly started crying and confessed.

"I admit that I lied to you, but from my point of view, when I came to Beijing that day, I first saw Shen Mingjia cheating and later learned that my family was bankrupt.

I felt like a lost soul in this unfamiliar city, where I knew no one and while wandering on the street, then ended up being hit by your car."

"Can you find a second person who is as miserable as me"

"I didn't have amnesia, but if it was you, a golden finger* that could help you fight back suddenly appeared when you mentally collapsed, wouldn't you be tempted"

Before Jiang Yuhe could speak, Wen Yu said aggrievedly.

"Not to mention you were so handsome."


What he wanted to say was immediately held back by this sentence.

Not bad.

She also learned how to give a candy after hitting him; the carrot and stick approach.

Jiang Yuhe still didn't speak, but took a napkin and handed it to Wen Yu.

Wen Yu took the time to thank him in between sobbing, and then continued without stopping after she finished.

"I was really stunned at the time.

My mind was full of the scumbag mocking me.

I admit that I am not as calm as you.

I am a brainless woman, vulgar and naive, and I just wanted to let him explode in place."

"I was wrong, and I told you I'm sorry many times.

But in fact, except for the identity of your sister, I have never used you once."

"Not only did I not." Wen Yu whispered, "When I attacked him for the first time, you also helped him with public relations."

Then came another self-affirmation.

"But was I angry I wasn't.

I gave you a shoulder massage that day."


‘You are so kind.’

"I posted things myself on Weibo."

"Spying on him, I planned it myself."

"Have I used your resources throughout the process"

"I didn't let you show up once- huh ooh..."

"What bad thoughts can I have"

"I just want to happily be your sister."


The more she spoke, the more reasonable it became.

Wen Yu's tears flooded down.

Although it was a bit exaggerated, the grievance that had been held back for a month was not all from a performance.

* Golden Finger in China means someone who possesses a cheat-like ability/status to bypass the regular path and use their special cheat abilities to get what they want.


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