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Open the Door (1)

As April approached, spring came early to Jiangcheng.

In the past few days, the temperature reached 17 degrees Celsius.

Wen Yu got up and opened the curtains.

The room was flooded with sunlight.

The continuous good weather continued to heal her mood.

It has been almost a month since Wen Yu returned to Jiangcheng.

The day after she got caught in the rain, she developed a high fever when she returned from the Huatian Night Market.

You Xin was afraid of an accident, so she had to contact Wen Qingyou.

Wen Qingyou rushed to Beijing on the earliest flight, but this time he didn’t accede to Wen Yu's temperament anymore, and brought her back to Jiangcheng overnight.

After that, Wen Yu was grounded by her brother and was not allowed to go anywhere.

In fact, she was just forbidden to return to Beijing.

Wen Qingyou had expected that Wen Yu would end up like this, so he stayed in the country and did not leave.

Fortunately, all this was hidden from Wen Yi'an.

The old father knew nothing.

He thought that his daughter had been working hard in Beijing and was taken home by her brother.

At exactly eight o'clock, Zhou Yue called, "Are you up"

Wen Yu replied to him while changing her clothes.

"I’m awake.

I will come to the meeting after I get something to eat."

"Okay, drive slowly on the road.

It's foggy today."

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yu washed quickly.

After she was done, two slices of toast were also done.

She poured some milk and quickly browsed the news about the entertainment and investment circles while eating.

At 8:30AM in the morning, Wen Yu went out.

She still drove her Ferrari red Laferrari.

Twenty minutes later, Wen Yu arrived at the parking lot of a high-end office building in Jiangcheng, and then went straight to the 12th floor of the building.

Specifically, 1201- a 100m2 new office.

The company’s name "Pisces Entertainment" was written on the back wall of the entrance front desk

"All our information has been sent to the organizer.

It is said that we are the smallest company among all participating bidders."

"It's okay to be small.

Didn’t they also have a lot of small IPs We can start from small and slowly develop." Wen Yu pointed to a document on the table.

"Now, this "The Pretty Woman in the Harem" is not bad.

I have read the original.

The characters have tension and the plot is also very humorous, suitable for low-cost online dramas.

Don’t worry, we won’t compete with others for the big hits.

Zhou Yue nodded, "It's good if you feel it’s good, after all, you have been following him for so long and absorbed his teachings through observing."


The atmosphere fell silent.

Wen Yu hummed, there was no effect on her expression, but her heart was already disturbed by this light and fluttering sentence.

She pretended to be indifferent and poured some water, Zhou Yue asked again behind her.

"Will he come tomorrow"


Water slowly poured into the cup, Wen Yu was silent for a while,

"Will not."

"The company held a meeting previously and the person coming to the copyright auction is the one in charge of the copyright department."

Otherwise she would not dare to sign up and attend.

The time apart was neither long nor short, the two hadn't seen each other for almost a month.

In the first few days, her fever made her dizzy and drowsy.

She was crying and saying sorry to him in her dreams.

Later, when she got better, she woke up and found that she was in Jiangcheng.

She always felt that the past three months were not real.

It seemed that it was just a hazy dream during three months of sleep.

And that person never appeared again.

Wen Yu was distracted and was pulled back by a phone call.

Zhou Yue helped her pick up the phone.

"Your father called."

"Yuyu, are you busy at the company In the evening, your Uncle Liu invited us to dinner, saying that he wanted to introduce you to a senior in this industry, and it would be helpful to your career."

Wen Yu sighed, "No need, Dad.

Brother Yue and I are still sorting out the information about participating in the auction tomorrow, and there are still a lot of things to prepare."

"Yuyu, although Dad has never set foot in the entertainment industry, every industry is the same, and personal connections are very important.

Your small company has just been established.

It is only good for you to know more people, not to mention it’s your Uncle Liu.

Be good and let me introduce him.

It’s at Xingsheng Restaurant at 7PM.

Come with Ah Yue."

After hanging up the phone, Zhou Yue also persuaded Wen Yu.

"Uncle is right.

Contacts are very important."

Of course Wen Yu knew this truth, but tomorrow was the auction.

She was a little nervous and wanted to thoroughly complete all the necessary work.

"Don't be so nervous," Zhou Yue comforted her.

"It's just a bidding event.

You are not familiar with it, but I am familiar."

Huadu Group went bankrupt, but Zhou Yue did not leave.

After solving all the closing work in about three months, he happened to find out Wen Yu wanted to start a company herself.


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