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I Thought You Deleted Me (4)

But after waiting for half an hour, the money was not collected, not refunded, and no message came over.

Was he busy

Wen Yu could only type out a message: [Brother, I returned the money to you.]

As soon as she was about to press it, Wen Yu realized that the title was wrong, and quickly took back her hand.

Where did she get the courage to still call him ‘Brother’

And sending it like this, was she deliberately reminding people that they have been a fake brother for three months

So she changed her title: [President Jiang, I returned the money to you.]

After sending it, continue to wait for a reply.

On the other hand, Jiang Yuhe actually saw the message from Wen Yu half an hour ago.

He originally thought this woman would say something to him, but he didn't expect it when he opened it.

Oh, transfer 100,000 yuan.

What did she mean

Pay for his hard work

Or was the money to clear the debts between them

This woman was quite interesting.

After a while—[President Jiang, I returned the money to you.


Jiang Yuhe felt even angrier when he saw the title.

He threw the phone aside.

Although on the surface it looked calm.

In fact, a message from Wen Yu could make him upset and irritable.

After working hard to restrain and calm down for a few seconds, he still couldn't let go.

He picked up the phone and replied.

[Are you looking for me for something]

Wen Yu was taken aback, and subconsciously replied:


After a pause, she still couldn't hold back, and typed a line a bit aggrievedly—

[I thought you deleted me...]

There were too many things in Wen Yu's ellipsis that she wanted to say but dared not say, she wanted to wait; wait for Jiang Yuhe to give a signal, at least a signal that he was willing to continue the conversation with her.

She waited for a few seconds...

Jyh: [Thank you for reminding me, I will delete you now.]


Wen Yu looked at the phone blankly, and felt the small gap slowly closed to herself.

She hurriedly typed a line.

[Then I wish you all the best in the future.]

But after finishing the message, it was not sent out for a long time.

Wasn’t she hypocritical to say this now

She lied to him for three months.

She should stop saying anything meaningless.

He was originally a noble man, a man surrounded by others, and he would live well without her blessing.

Besides, Jiang Yuhe was someone who acted as he said and if he said he would delete her then she must have been deleted.

If she sent it again now, she would only receive an official notification that the other party was no longer a friend.

Forget it.

That's it.

That's okay.

It looked like she's still in the friend list, just as if he had never deleted her.

Keep this complete dialogue page as a memento.

Wen Yu silently deleted the message she wanted to send and closed the dialog box.

At the same time, the driver stopped the car and said in doubt.

"Hey, this was the Huatian Night Market before.

How come it was completely dismantled"

Wen Yu looked out the window.

The lively and warm night market in her memory has now turned into a desolate flat space.

There seemed to be a transformation plan in progress.

Wen Yu's forehead was hot.

She was startled for a long time, and suddenly there was a strong sense of unreality.

She couldn't help but wonder if it really existed here.

Was it just a dream of her own

For several days, Jiang Yuhe did not receive any more news from Wen Yu.

He knew that she lived with You Xin, but he only stayed at the level of knowing it, and did not take any further action.

His reason did not allow him to look for her.

It's enough to know that she is there.

At work that day, in the lobby on the first floor, when Jiang Yuhe was waiting for the elevator, he inadvertently saw You Xin.

You Xin walked with a group of friends, and when she saw him, she turned around like she saw a ghost, Jiang Yuhe stopped her subconsciously.

"You Xin, come here."

You Xin tried to avoid the limelight no matter what recently, but she did not expect to meet Jiang Yuhe here.

She had no choice but to bite the bullet and step forward, pretending that the passionate scolding that day had never happened.

"Good morning Boss.

Has the Boss eaten"

Jiang Yuhe frowned, and didn't know why he called her over.

Maybe it's okay if he didn't see it.

After he saw it, he couldn't control the impulse.

He wanted to know what she was doing, and even wanted to see her.

Jiang Yuhe didn't want to ask so directly, he calmly said.

"Tell her to come to the office one of these days.

I don't know where she put a document."

You Xin was taken aback.


After reacting, she said "Ah.

Did you mean Yuyu"

"She has returned to Jiangcheng.

She left a few days ago."



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