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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 136

I Thought You Deleted Me (3)

Although Lao He was dull, he would never fail to see what the scene like last night meant.

He was silent for a long time and sighed, "It's all because I drove away that night.

If I didn't hit you to start with, you two wouldn't be like this."

Wen Yu shook her head.

"How can I blame others for my own mistakes"

She carefully suppressed the emotion that rushed to her throat, fearing that she would not be able to control it in the ward, and after sitting for a while, she got up and said goodbye.

"Uncle He, I have something to do.

I’ll go first."

Uncle He looked at her worriedly, "Child, you have to live well."

Like Aunt Shier, they both regarded Wen Yu as their child.

And Jiang Yuhe also gave all his sincerity to Wen Yu.

Wen Yu knew that she had messed up all this.

Or none of this belonged to her at all.

After all, it was swindled from the beginning.

On the second day after the heavy rain, the whole city was shrouded in cold and wet weather.

Wen Yu walked out of the hospital and gathered her coat.

The clothes belonged to You Xin.

It was a bit big on her.

Standing in the center of the square, Wen Yu suddenly discovered that she didn't even have a piece of her own clothes in this city.

From nothing to something, then from something to nothing.

It was back to square one.

Originally, three months ago, she should have had nothing.

Wen Yu closed her eyes and took another breath of the cold Beijing air.

She stopped a taxi.

"Driver, go to Huatian Night Market."

The three-month story started from there.

If Wen Yu hadn't been to the night market that night, she would not have been hit by Jiang Yuhe's car.

The old fortune-teller in the night market said that everything would be fine after that night.

Indeed, as he said, she got better.

But now everything had been lost.

Wen Yu eagerly wanted to find him and ask again.

Did she still have a chance

On the way to the night market, Wen Yu took out her mobile phone and looked at the few people on WeChat, the man’s profile pic was black as well.

Opening her phone, the chat was stopped on the night before Valentine's Day.

He called via video chat and checked the homework assigned to her when he left.

He asked questions like a teacher.

She answered and acted coquettishly with him.

The two of them spent more than an hour on video.

Lao He said that he didn't sleep all night to catch up with work, but he still had time to spend so long with her.

Wen Yu looked at the man's profile pic and sighed slightly, feeling regret on top of regret.

According to his personality, he must have deleted her from his contacts list by now.

After rubbing her finger on the screen for a long time, Wen Yu wanted to test whether she had been deleted, but could not find a suitable thing to say.

After all, she was kicked out of the office by him in the afternoon, so she couldn't cling and send him a message at this moment.

Also, Jiang Yuhe’s circle of friends had not had new content for three days, and there had been no content for a long time, so it was impossible to tell whether the two are friends or not.

Wen Yu checked the Internet and found that transfers can be used to test.

She thought about it.

Jiang Yuhe gave her 100,000 yuan pocket money last month.

Why didn’t she pay back the money

It's a good way.

If the transaction could proceed normally, it meant that Jiang Yuhe did not delete her, the transfer was justified and it would not appear embarrassing.

If the transaction cannot proceed normally, it means that she has been deleted.

Then… Wen Yu will not keep looking at the phone, thinking about this, thinking about that and thinking about things, and always keep thinking about him all the time.

She took a deep breath, sat upright, and became especially serious in her posture.

Transfer 100,000 yuan to Jyh.

When she entered the last password, Wen Yu's fingertips hesitated for a long time, and finally pressed it with great effort.

Lifting her eyes.

The orange transfer confirmation said successfully sent!

Wen Yu was overjoyed.

He didn't delete her

This feeling was like finding a small seam of hope when she was in a desperate situation.

Even if the seam was only as wide as a strand of hair, Wen Yu was still inspired by it.

Maybe—maybe it was exactly what You Xin said, he was just angry.

Will it be alright when the anger passes

If he was really annoyed with her, with his personality, he should have blocked all her contact methods long ago.

This accident made Wen Yu a little more courageous, and she began to wait for Jiang Yuhe's reply.


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