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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 135

I Thought You Deleted Me (2)

Wen Yu nodded awkwardly and turned around.

"I'm sorry, goodbye."

There was a pause.

"President Jiang."

The door was closed gently, the man in the room felt his blood was surging, and the pen tip was slowly pressed against the surface of the paper without moving.

President Jiang.

What President Jiang

Before taking revenge, she called him ‘Brother’ obediently, and then changed his name to President Jiang after the revenge.

Does this woman have a heart

Wen Yu left the office, and You Xin waited outside for her anxiously.

She was relieved to see her coming out safely.

"President Jiang didn't do anything to you, right"

Wen Yu shook her head, "How about you"

You Xin said, "He didn't do anything to me either."

"Then what did he call you here to say"

You Xin wondered, "He didn't say anything, but I scolded him passionately, and when you came, he told me to go."


She couldn’t figure out this man.

No matter what, it’s good that You Xin was fine.

Hearing Xu Chang say that You Xin was called by Jiang Yuhe, Wen Yu suddenly remembered Li Man's fate, panicked, and ran over without even thinking about it.

"Then what happened to Shen Mingjia" she asked.

Of course, You Xin also saw it.

"I saw him there when I came, and it seemed that he had a terrible end."

After a pause, You Xin tentatively asked, "Would President Jiang be helping you vent your anger"

Wen Yu didn't know, and didn't dare to think positively about things she cannot verify.

Jiang Yuhe was thoughtful, and everything he did must have his own reasons.

Since it was hard to protect herself, she would not have the heart to think about those possibilities.

Wen Yu pressed her aching hea., "Xinxin, I'm going out.

You don't have to worry about me."

"Are you uncomfortable"

"Maybe I got a cold from the rain.

It’s okay."

After Wen Yu left the company, the inside of Yasheng, which had been calm for many days, began to vibrate again.

[Do you think the office concubine seems to be losing power...]

[The scene on the 39th floor today is so spectacular.

There have been people coming in and out, but they are all in the office.

Outside doesn't know what’s happening inside.


[Let’s guess, is the concubine going to be replaced]

[Eh, I thought that this one can control the boss, it seems she is only at an ordinary level.]

[But after so many sessions, the office concubine is the most beautiful, looking forward to the next one!]

Wen Yu went to the mall to buy some gifts, then took a taxi to the hospital.

Previously she said she would come to the hospital to visit Mrs.


She thought after Valentine's Day and confessed to Jiang Yuhe, then the two could come together.

Who knew these things happened.

Wen Yu found the ward with a fruit basket and gifts, Lao He was peeling apples by the bedside, Yinyin was playing with her mobile phone, and it was Mrs.

He that saw Wen Yu first.

"It's Xiaoyu." She struggled to sit up.

Lao He and Yinyin also subsequently saw Wen Yu.

Lao He put down what he was holding, and dragged out the seat beside him, "Why are you here, Xiaoyu"

Wen Yu smiled.

"To see Mrs.


While speaking, she took out the fruit basket and gifts.

"This is for Mrs.

He, I hope you will recover soon."

She took out a scarf gift box.

"This is for Uncle He, it's very warm wrapped around you."

Finally, she took out a new model mobile phone to Yinyin, "After graduation, work hard.

Don't waste time chasing stars."

The family took the presents and looked at her in a daze.

"Why are you giving us these things all of a sudden"

"Came to see Mrs.

He, and bought them all on the way.

Last time I went to your house to eat dumplings, I shouldn't have come empty-handed, but at that time I..." Wen Yu said, lowering her head, and after a long pause, she swept away her troubled thoughts and said, "The gift is not expensive, it is my sincere regards."

Others didn't know, but Lao He saw with his own eyes how she was ignored by Jiang Yuhe in the rain last night.

"Xiaoyu," Lao He seemed to have guessed something, he hesitated and asked, "Are you and the boss okay"

Wen Yu shrugged, "It's okay."

Lao He couldn't see whether Wen Yu was really all right or pretending to be relaxed.

He said sincerely, "The boss really has you in his heart.

I went to pick him up at the airport yesterday.

On the way, I heard that his work in Sioux City was completed in advance without a night's sleep.

He just wanted to rush back for dinner with you.


Wen Yu lowered her eyes and listened, and when she felt her eyes start to burn, she let herself squeeze out a smile to suppress it, "Uhuh, I know."


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