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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 134

I Thought You Deleted Me (1)

After Wen Yu said this, the office was suddenly quiet.

The distance between the two people standing was very close.

Jiang Yuhe was tall, and standing in front of Wen Yu, it felt even more oppressive.

Oppressing her, she accidentally lost her mind, and pulled up this old debt between the two of them.

After all, a first kiss was considered a big event in Wen Yu's heart.

At the critical moment of being "blamed" by Jiang Yuhe, she knew that she had no defensible position and no confidence.

The only thing that she thought of was this one event that could barely be blamed on Jiang Yuhe.

But Wen Yu regretted it when she said it.

She felt that what she meant by what she said was, ‘So what if I lied to you I let you kiss me.’

Could that be interpreted in the opposite direction as, ‘I have been betraying my body and sacrificed a lot, and so what do you want’

Wen Yu shut up and tried to take this sentence back.

"I mean-"

But Jiang Yuhe interrupted her.

"That's why you feel like you are bearing humiliation, don't you"

At the moment when he heard that it was the first kiss, Jiang Yuhe was stunned for a few seconds.

The scenes that had appeared previously due to Shen Mingjia felt like videos that had suddenly lost signal and stopped abruptly.

...It was her first kiss

She gave him her first kiss!

Then other things...

Jiang Yuhe admitted that this sudden knowledge of the facts made his whole person relaxed for a few seconds, and the abnormal jealousy disappeared instantly.

But reason quickly brought him to a problem that he could not figure out at the time-

Forbearance seems to be explained.

In the past three months at Jiang Family, although Jiang Yuhe did not give Wen Yu a good expression when she just arrived, but as soon as he was willing to be her stupid brother to help her restore her memory, other than when he kissed her impulsively.

When was it not picking the stars and the moon for her

He had never been so tolerant even towards his biological sister.

Jiang Yuhe had never understood why Wen Yu could say the words forbearance and humiliation before.

Now she was  aggrieved that she gave him her first kiss, which explained it all.

Jiang Yuhe's expression was ugly, "So I kissed you, which explains forbearance"


"What about the humiliation"

The man leaned closer and closer, slowly, with one hand propped against the door, his body pressed down slightly, almost touching her lips.

"Have I **ed you"


This straight shot caught Wen Yu by surprise.

Obviously before yesterday, she still called him her elder brother affectionately, and after one night, they could actually fast forward to this kind of adult topic.

Wen Yu was a little embarrassed, and was forced to have no way of retreating.

Her entire face was burned by Jiang Yuhe's breath and her whole body was burning.

She knew that she hadn't said the words well, and made the man in front of her misunderstand the intent.

No wonder though, since she deceived him first.

Wen Yu said with some helplessness, "I didn't mean that."

Jiang Yuhe immediately grabbed her cheek and pulled her back.

"Then what do you mean"


Wen Yu didn't know what she wanted to express.

Perhaps subconsciously, she wanted to call on his emotions with that kiss.

No matter what, they had kissed before.

So in the face of the kiss, let her bear the responsibility independently, and don't involve others.

But now he obviously didn't care about this.

Yes, he was surrounded by beautiful women, so why would he care about her first kiss.

It's ridiculous.

Wen Yu lowered her head in frustration, "I didn't mean anything.

I really lied to you in this matter.

I didn't mean to make excuses for myself."

Jiang Yuhe stood up slowly, motionless, looking down at her.

Such a beautiful face, if it weren't for her being Wen Yu, Jiang Yuhe might have already let her know the real consequences of playing with him.

Rather than lightly saying sorry here.

He stopped talking, let go, walked back to the desk and sat down.

The indifference returned to the surroundings.

This indifference was more like a punishment.

Even the air was chilly, making people unable to feel any warmth.

Whether it was this room or the person sitting in the room.

Wen Yu stood there for a long time before plucking up the courage to say:

"I know you are very angry.

I'm sorry.

I interrupted your life for three months.

I was the one who caused problems.

No matter how much you hate me, you have the right."

There was a long silence, and no one responded.

Wen Yu felt that he didn't want to listen to her nonsense at all.

After a few more minutes, Wen Yu lowered her head/ "Then, can I go now"

"No one wanted you to come."


Sure enough, as Wen Yu expected, Jiang Yuhe didn't lift his head when he said this.

Her heartfelt words just then also fell on deaf ears.


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