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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 132

How Will You Take Responsibility (3)

With a snap, Jiang Yuhe threw the phone forward, and it happened to hit Shen Mingjia's foot.

Shen Mingjia was stunned and picked up the phone.

"President Jiang"

Jiang Yuhe looked at the man in front of him who felt no responsibility and degraded his ex-girlfriend in order to protect himself.

What's even funnier was that he was such a despicable man.

He had even imagined his appearance, and hasdbeen jealous of him more than once.

Wen Yu may have kissed, loved, or even done it with him.

Thinking of such a scene, Jiang Yuhe felt as if countless claws were born in his heart, wantonly scratching and devouring in his chest, curling into uncontrollable anger.

"Starting on February 11th, read every piece of content you posted, one by one." He said coldly and calmly.

Shen Mingjia asked, "What"

"Every time you read one, slap yourself once."


Shen Mingjia was completely stunned, completely ignorant of why Jiang Yuhe reacted like this, he was a little dissatisfied.


Jiang, obviously I-"

Li Bai walked over at this moment.

"You will do it by yourself or should I do it"

Everyone in the bodyguard circle knew the bodyguard next to Jiang Yuhe and no one dared to offend him.

He had once been involved in the X Sea incident before, once his height and body shape stood beside you, no one would dare offend him.

Not to mention a weak pale youngster like Shen Mingjia.

Shen Mingjia's face turned pale.

Although he was unwilling, he could only bite the bullet and do it.

"...Wen Yu, you bitch."


"Are you mad"



President Jiang can't hear you." Li Bai warned coldly.

Shen Mingjia knew that this sound meant the strength he used to slap himself, he can only close his eyes and increase the effort to slap his face.

In those few days, he sent too many messages to Wen Yu, and now the punishment was completely self-inflicted.

After reading message 50, the corner of Shen Mingjia's mouth began to ooze blood.

He raised his head cautiously, but saw that the man in the main seat was handling his business affairs indifferently.

His expression was extremely cold and calm.

He was like a clown.

Even if he bled, he couldn’t get his attention.

Shen Mingjia may have understood something.

He was eager to fight back, but forgot that Jiang Yuhe was also a man.

He would also fall in love with Wen Yu.

Whether the feeling was gotten through by being scammed or willingly.

Shen Mingjia hung his head embarrassedly and laughed at himself.

"Is this a private revenge through business means for President Jiang"

Jiang Yuhe paused the tip of his pen, and his sharp eyes fell on him.

In a moment, he leaned against the back chair and said lightly, "That's right."

Shen Mingjia did not expect that he would admit it.

He didn't hide his purpose, and his eyes were full of disdain and contempt.

Shen Mingjia completely underestimated the weight of Wen Yu in Jiang Yuhe's heart.

He opened his lips, knowing that he had lost the game again.

He didn't speak any more, and continued to slap himself while reading the messages, hoping to end this self-inflicted suffering soon.

While he was reading, Jiang Yuhe made a call outside.

After You Xin got up at 8:30AM, Wen Yu was still asleep.

Recently, the company has invited a teacher to give them a character analysis class in "Quest for the Dragon Files", and they couldn’t be absent from 10AM to 12PM, 2 hours every morning.

You Xin sat at the table for breakfast after washing, and Xu Chang pointed inside.

"Still asleep"

You Xin sighed, shook her head, and said, "If she gets up later, help me take care of her.

I will come back at noon to bring over food."

Xu Chang replied, "Don't worry, your sister is my sister.

In the evening, I will set up a place to fish for men for your sister so she won’t hang herself to death on one man."

You Xin high fived him with approval.

"I'm very satisfied with your arrangement.

Call a few more.

I must make my precious baby drunk and dreamy tonight."

When the two reached an agreement, You Xin's cell phone rang, it was her agent.

"Hey, Sister Ji, what's the matter"

"A notice from Secretary Ning on the 39th floor asks you to come to the president's office first after you arrive at the company."


You Xin was stunned for a long time.

"President's office President Jiang's office"

"Yes." The agent on the opposite side was also quite puzzled.

"Did you cause problems outside Under normal circumstances, the boss never takes the initiative to meet young artists like you who have just joined the company."

You Xin felt cold and immediately understood.

After hanging up the phone, Xu Chang saw her face change suddenly and asked, "What's the matter"

"Tonight may not be just fishing for my sister." You Xin stopped for a few minutes and concluded, "Maybe we will celebrate getting fired."


Not long after You Xin left, Wen Yu also woke up.

She didn't see You Xin when she got up, and asked Xu Chang, "Where is Xinxin"

Xu Chang looked serious.

"Just answered the phone and said that it was President Jiang from their company who was looking for her, and that she might be fired.

What's the matter"

Wen Yu widened her eyes after hearing this.

"President Jiang is looking for her"

Without waiting for Xu Chang to say anything, Wen Yu went back to the room, changed clothes and rushed out the door.

Even though You Xin had made all the mental preparations before coming to the office, she was still shocked when she opened the door and saw the scene in the office.

All the venetian blinds were fully pulled, and there were bodyguards and countless people in black standing in the room.

The most frightening thing was that the scumbag Shen Mingjia was also there.

He was still slapping himself while reading something.

You Xin swallowed, and walked forward, trembling, "B-Boss, you were l-looking for me"

In the process of talking, You Xin had already imagined the scene of her giving her explanations.

Jiang Yuhe didn't look up, but asked her indifferently, "Do you know why I asked you to come"

Of course You Xin knew.

Do you still need to ask


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