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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 130

How Will You Take Responsibility (2)

You Xin shook her head.

"We messed up.

You shouldn't have worn a black skirt.

You should have worn this black shirt.

I guarantee that he won't be able to say anything."

Wen Yu pulled up the quilt to cover herself.

"I was kicked out.

Even wearing the emperor’s robes is useless."



You Xin also laid down and continued to comfort her.

"Don't be sad.

The old ones don't go and the new ones won't come.

There are so many good men in Jiangcheng.

I will send you a few tomorrow."

After hearing no reply for a long time, You Xin looked sideways, and saw Wen Yu had already closed her eyes.

It was the first time that You Xin saw her so quiet, and it seemed like nothing happened, but You Xin knew that she just pushed all the emotions into the depths of her heart.

There was a moment of silence, and You Xin patted Wen Yu lightly.

"Don't think about it.

Maybe President Jiang is just too angry.

It will be fine after a few days."

Wen Yu shook her head in her heart.

Not anymore.

He never gives a second chance to someone who made a mistake.

Thinking of this, Wen Yu still couldn't help but turned around, buried her head in You Xin's arms, choked up and said, "Xinxin, I'm uncomfortable."

She didn't cry when she knew she was bankrupt.

She didn't cry when she saw Shen Mingjia cheating, and she didn't cry when her leg was broken.

But losing Jiang Yuhe's trust and being driven out of his world, this feeling was as if something had corroded Wen Yu's heart.

There was pain in the chest cavity.

She couldn’t make a sound, and couldn’t take a breath.

You Xin patted her.

"I know.

Cry if you feel uncomfortable.

It's okay.

My clothes are waterproof."

You Xin knew Wen Yu since she was fifteen years old.

At that time, few people in the school were willing to play with her.

Only Wen Yu was not snobbish.

The friendship between the two had gone through a lot since then.

The Wen Yu in her eyes was a gift from the heavens; a woman who shined, that Jiangcheng’s men are eagerly looking at, a noble lady, a lady who Zhao Wenjing criticized behind her back but still silently follows her trends.

But since bankruptcy, being cheated on, and the car accident...

her whole life was turned upside down.

She was indeed wrong concerning Jiang Yuhe, but was Wen Yu's feelings for him false

Even before Wen Yu was aware of her feelings, You Xin already knew it long ago.

At that time, every time she mentioned that man, she had a light in her eyes.

Her smile was sweet and had a sense of reliance on him.

You Xin watched her come out of those bad fortunes bit by bit, but now she was back to her previous form.

With deeper pain than before, she went back to the past again.

You Xin thought with a pained heart sadly—If only she knew it would be like this.

When Wen Yu in Jiangcheng first raised this matter, she should have stopped her.

Stop all this from happening.

At the same time, at Jiang Family’s villa, it was almost 1AM at night, but today's Aunt Shier hasn't slept yet.

The atmosphere at home was gloomy, more depressing than the weather outside the window.

She had been a housekeeper for so many years, and she could tell whether Jiang Yuhe's mood was good or bad.

Today's expressionless face was more worrying than ever.

At 1:20Am in the morning, Aunt Shier heated a glass of milk and sent it to the study.

Only a small table lamp was lit in the study.

Under the dim light, the man was propping his forehead with his hands.

His eyes glazed, and she did not know what he was looking at.

"Master, drink something." Aunt Shier carefully put the milk on the table and found Jiang Yuhe's eyes on a mobile phone in front of him.

It's just that the phone had a beautiful red case, unlike his.

But Aunt Shier did not dare to ask more, so she could only leave with a sigh.

When she was about to leave, the man behind her finally spoke.

"Did she say anything when she left"

The Aunt Shier paused and turned around, "No...

she just said she was leaving.

Thanked me for taking care of her these months.

By the way, she gave me a bottle of perfume, which smells pretty good.

Do you want it"

Jiang Yuhe closed his eyes, feeling a little annoyed.

"It's okay."


The door closed again.

The man looked at the photos on the phone, but he couldn't let go.

On one side was a photo of Wen Yu and Shen Mingjia, and on the other side was a photo of them in a hot pot restaurant saved on his own mobile phone.

No matter how Jiang Yuhe found reasons to persuade himself, he still couldn't accept that he was just a sharp knife for Wen Yu to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Even the pair of cufflinks didn't need Jiang Yuhe to verify, he knew that they were not for himself.

One was Jia, the other was Jiang.

What a ridiculous coincidence.

He had obviously seen the picture of the packaging she once posted in Moments for her friends, but he didn’t want to think about it.

Holding the gift she wanted to give to her ex-boyfriend, he wore it on his body like a joke, thinking it was her gift to him, and even took it with him on business trips, as if he had brought her by his side.

Ex-girlfriend was a crazy lunatic.

Jiang Yuhe remembered what Wen Junlong said again.

Such an apt description.

If she was not so crazy, how dare she come to lie to him and blatantly scam him for three months


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