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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 129

How Will You Take Responsibility (1)

You Xin supported her and with great difficulty, helped bring Wen Yu back home.

"Quick, Changchang, turn on the hot water for me.

My best friend just got caught in the rain."

Xu Chang came out of the back room, wrapped in a hair towel with a facial mask on his face, looked at Wen Yu who looked like a wet chicken, and said, "That's the best friend you always talk about.

What's wrong"

You Xin was silent.

"She was probably dumped."

Xu Chang shut his mouth, didn't speak any more, and immediately went to the bathroom to get hot water.

With a peach tea in her hand, You Xin gave Wen Yu several sips before asking, "Feel better"

Wen Yu was tired and hungry just now, and almost fell down due to suffering from low blood sugar.

Fortunately, You Xin arrived on time.

Otherwise the news tomorrow would probably be the horrifying headline of a young woman dying on the street on a rainy night.

"You said you would contact me later.

I waited for a long time without hearing from you.

I called but your phone was off.

I was so anxious.

I asked the whole company to find out about President Jiang’s villa address.

When I arrived, I saw you standing like a fool.

What is going on here"

As soon as You Xin finished speaking, Xu Chang came out.

"The water is ready.

Let's warm up first."

You Xin thanked him and turned around to give introductions.

"Yuyu, this is my friend and makeup artist named Xu Chang.

Just call him Changchang."

"Changchang, this is Wen Yu, Yuyu."

Wen Yu looked up and nodded weakly, "Hello."

Xu Chang sighed.

“Stop with the introductions and hurry up.

I’ll go make a bowl of ginger soup.”

As he said that, he walked towards the kitchen, still murmuring, "What man Are they blind If such a beautiful woman is thrown away, he must want to rise to heaven and be an immortal."

You Xin took Wen Yu to the bathroom, closed the door, and helped Wen Yu take off her wet clothes.

When she was standing in the shower, You Xin took a bench and asked, "You haven’t answered yet.

What is going on"

Wen Yu just stood under the shower.

No matter how the hot water washed her, she still couldn't forget the scene of Jiang Yuhe passing by indifferently.

Compared with the physical pain, she even more couldn't accept the disappearance of this man’s pampering overnight.

"He knows everything." Wen Yu said softly.

"Didn’t you confess so that he would know Did you act coquettishly to him Where's the sexy skirt Did you cry"


Wen Yu couldn’t even cry now.

This kind of loss made her whole body seem to have been hollowed out, without consciousness and feeling, her internal organs could not produce any emotions.

"I didn't have time to say anything.

He already knew everything." Wen Yu reached out and wiped the water off her face, then paused.

"He saw the WeChat I sent by mistake."


There was a big difference between frankly confessing and passive discovery.

Everyone in the circle knew Jiang Yuhe’s methods, and no one could play tricks under his nose.

The reason why Wen Yu could remain unexposed for three months was largely because the boss himself had a preference for her, so a lot of things were left alone.

He closed his eyes, didn’t care about it, and wouldn't search for the truth.

This most powerful boss in the entertainment circle, holding the fate of many artists, has always been him playing with others, and now he had been schemed by Wen Yu.

Considering the methods he used based on the rumors, he only drove Wen Yu out.

That was already considered merciful.

You Xin sighed.

"Then what do you plan to do next"

The sound of the water rustled, and the person inside was silent for a long time before saying, "Go back to Jiangcheng."

After a pause, the low voice was a little aggrieved.

"He won't want to see me anymore."

You Xin was a little unhappy.

"I finally came to Beijing, but you have to go back again...

Ah, forget it.

As long as you are happy, I will go back to see you when I have time."

The sound of the water stopped, and You Xin took a clean new towel from the cabinet and asked her again, "Have you brought your pajamas"

Wen Yu thought for a while.

"I have a shirt in my bag.

Bring it for me."

Ten minutes later, Wen Yu dried her hair, dressed and returned to You Xin's bedroom.

There was a bowl of ginger soup on the table, and You Xin said, "Changchang boiled it for you.

Drink it while it is hot."

Wen Yu was not polite, picked it up and drank it all.

"Didn't you say that your makeup artist friend is a sister"

"He’s a sister." You Xin blinked.

"A gay friend, get it"


While spreading the quilt, You Xin said, "This is not as luxurious and spacious as President Jiang’s house, and not as big as yours.

You have to make do, but I still want to ask—"

You Xin couldn't hold back, "This shirt you are wearing belongs to President Jiang, right"

Wen Yu didn't reply and silently climbed onto the bed, not wanting to admit that she had stolen a piece of clothing from someone else.

You Xin lay down beside her and looked at her with her hands under her head.

The shirt was very large, and it just covered her thighs when worn on Wen Yu's body.

The black color matched her skin color, especially the black shirt of men.

The hormone of masculine power worn on women was an enhanced deadly temptation.


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