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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 128

Stepping out of the gate of Jiang's house, Wen Yu looked back again.

The lights in the villa that had carried countless joys, anger, sorrow, and joy for three months had nothing to do with her from this moment.

In the night that was taken over by the sound of rain, Wen Yu didn't take a taxi right away, but opened the umbrella and left slowly step by step.

When she reached a circular green fountain not far from the villa, she suddenly stopped.

In the past few hours, she bid farewell to her room, to this house, and to Aunt Shier.

But that man, she didn't even have time to say sorry.

Just go like this

It was 12AM.

A black car slowly drove into the villa area, and its headlights peeked out a light in the hazy rain.

Wen Yu, who was leaning against the fountain by a lamp, stood up straight, breathed a few warm breaths into her palms, and then looked carefully.

This was already the seventeenth car driving into the community; she didn't know if it would be Jiang Yuhe.

Five hours have passed since he left the restaurant.

Wen Yu also waited here for more than two hours.

Wen Yu didn't call him, fearing that he would refuse to answer, and even more afraid that he had blocked it.

She didn't dare to bear such embarrassment, so she waited for him to come back here, and wanted to say sorry to him in person.

It seems that only by doing this, the guilt in her heart will be less.

The car was getting closer and the rain was too heavy.

Wen Yu tried her best to look at the license plate.

When she saw it clearly, she subconsciously clasped the umbrella in her hand, and her heartbeat increased instantly.

It's Jiang Yuhe’s car.

It's him.

Lao He in the car saw the familiar thin figure under the street light at a glance.

He thought he had seen it wrong.

After the wiper accelerated to wipe off the rain, he stopped the car in surprise and turned back to tell Jiang Yuhe.

"Boss, yes, it's Xiaoyu!"

From the faint light, Wen Yu saw what Lao He had turned to speak to Jiang Yuhe and when the man raised his head.

He saw her.

Through a layer of glass, through a heavy rain.

But his eyes were too calm, as if he had never known Wen Yu.

Wen Yu seemed to be pulled by something in her heart.

Although uncomfortable, she still tried to let herself go over, wanting to come to him and finish the sentence.

But she didn't know if the heavens were against her, just after two steps, a strong wind rushed toward her.

She didn’t eat at night and stood in the wind and rain for too long.

Wen Yu couldn’t grasp it for a while.

The umbrella in her hand was pushed backwards by the wind.

She staggered two steps.

Although she was balanced and didn’t fall, the umbrella was ripped from her hand and flew out a long way.

This picture was funny and embarrassing.

Wen Yu got wet, her beautiful makeup blurred.

She stood awkwardly in the rain, and wanted to go back and pick up the umbrella, but when she turned around, she remembered the couple she saw at night.

She didn't know what influenced her, but she changed her mind again, indulging herself by just standing like that.

Looking at Jiang Yuhe in the car, she tried hard to find some emotions other than coldness in his eyes, such as—


In the past, he would compromise if her eyes reddened.

Wen Yu stood silently like this, while the car stopped less than 20 meters away from her.

One car and one person, in a confrontational posture in the rain.

The rain seemed to fall like crazy, and soon Wen Yu became soaked, Lao He was so anxious and overwhelmed.

"Boss, boss! It's such a heavy rain, please don't do this.

I beg you, let Xiaoyu get in the car first."

But Jiang Yuhe finally withdrew his gaze from that figure indifferently.

"Drive," he said.

No mood swings could be heard in the voice.


"I said let’s go."


Wen Yu didn't know what the people in the car were talking about, she just waited stubbornly, and gambled.

Bet on this man's last shred of love for her.

However, a minute later, the car that she had ridden countless times still drove by her mercilessly.

At the moment he passed, Wen Yu was stunned.

In the past, every time she acted like a baby in front of Jiang Yuhe, he would accept and spoil her, forming a strong contrast.

Wen Yu thought she would be sad, but when all hopes collapsed and the cold reality shattered her self-confidence, all that was left was endless shame.

At this time, where did her confidence come from, that he will still love her.

Wen Yu wiped her face mockingly.

Okay, it's over.

The rain did not seem so cold anymore.

But she was really tired after standing for so long.

Wen Yu slowly squatted down, only to feel that the sound in her ears was slowly getting farther away, and her body was getting lighter, as light as the moment when she was knocked out on the night of the car accident.


Lao He didn't know if it was intentional.

He could drive the short distance home in two minutes, but he drove 20 yards per hour.

He drove a slow speed in the rain.

He dared not open his mouth to interfere with the boss’s affairs.

He could only hope that he would drive more slowly.

Slowly, so Jiang Yuhe may be able to change his mind.

Even at the corner of the road, Lao He stopped on his own accord.

Jiang Yuhe didn't say anything, and seemed to have tacitly agreed with this move.

His gaze stayed on the rearview mirror.

He looked like a bystander, watching Wen Yu chasing the car two steps with cold eyes, watching her standing in place dumbly, watching her slowly squat down.

He thought he could go on like this without any fluctuations, but when he saw that she was about to fall, there were still ups and downs in his calm eyes.

Only in the next second, a person appeared holding an umbrella and hugged her.

Then the person helped her to leave slowly, until they finally disappeared in the rain.

The invisible emotion in Jiang Yuhe's eyes also faded away because of this, as if it had never appeared before.

The sound of the rain was torrential, and it took a long while before he looked back, and said dumbly.

"Go home."


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