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A Bet on His Last Shred of Love (1)

Wen Yu's red wine glass froze in the air, and when she heard Jiang Yuhe's words, she froze in her spot.

It was too late to take back the smile at the corner of her mouth, and it froze on her face like that.

After a few seconds passed, though it felt long, Wen Yu recovered from her astonishment.

She murmured twice and tried to make herself laugh.

She laughed, "Brother, I—"

“Stop acting.”


Wen Yu was like an actor that heard the word CUT mid scene.

She also wanted to use her prepared routines like every battlefield she had experienced in the past.

But she had never thought that when she truly faced Jiang Yuhe's indifferent eyes and words, her imaginary thoughts and routines would break into pieces in an instant.

Wen Yu knew when she sent the wrong message.

Once Jiang Yuhe saw it, with his extraordinary power of detection, he would definitely not feel that she was just sending a wrong sentence at random.

It's just that Wen Yu was surrounded by too much optimism at the time, thinking that she had escaped so many accidents, and this time she should be lucky enough to avoid it.

However, there was no way she could not wet shoes when walking in the river.

If she was wrong, then she was wrong.

She may be able to win ninety-nine times, but the last time she wanted to redeem her sins, God has given her no chance to speak.

After the emotional shock, Wen Yu finally lowered her head feebly.

"Did you see it"

Jiang Yuhe did not answer her question.

When he saw Wen Yu and Shen Mingjia’s selfie together in the study, no one could understand the feeling of collapse and anger in his heart at that moment.

He originally didn't want to come to the restaurant, but in the end he came.

He just hoped to give himself the last bit of leeway.

"So have you lost your memory, even for one day"

Wen Yu closed her eyes, only to feel that the whole world was spinning, and her eyes flickered.

Everything that happened in the past few months flashed like a revolving lantern, and finally stopped on the night when she was devastated three months ago.

The night she met Jiang Yuhe.

The night she started the play.

"No." Wen Yu confessed calmly.

"I didn't have memory loss when I woke up from the car accident.

It was me pretending deliberately, I deliberately wanted to use you to take revenge on him."

The piano music flowing in the dining room stopped inexplicably at this moment.

It was obviously a heated room, but the wind outside the window seemed to be swept in all of a sudden.

It was cold to the bone.

After a long silence, Jiang Yuhe seemed to smile.

With a smile full of mockery, he asked, "Are you really called Song Yu"

Like countless hands dragging her into the swamp, Wen Yu desperately tried to climb out a bit, but found that there was no exit at all.

Everywhere was sealed by the lies she told.

Wen Yu didn't answer right away, and Jiang Yuhe understood.

Some things were so embarrassing you didn't need to be too clear.

Just touch on it and stop.

He didn't want to know the rest.

Jiang Yuhe got up abruptly, and there was a harsh sound from the scrape of the seat and the ground.

Wen Yu raised her head subconsciously and saw distance and indifference in the man's eyes that she had never seen before.

The word "Brother" had already habitually reached her lips, but she couldn't say it anymore.

"I’ll give you three hours to leave."

After Jiang Yuhe finished speaking, he turned and walked away.

He stopped after a few steps without knowing what he thought of.

After a long time, he turned his head and looked at Wen Yu...

"Was anything true"

The three months of getting along were all deliberate approaches, and even the name told to him later was fake.

Jiang Yuhe didn't know what he was doing, that he spent so long absurdly sacrificing in other people's games.

He thought he was the hunter, but didn't know that he was already the prey of others.

Wen Yu sat dazed, watching Jiang Yuhe slowly disappear into the dining room.

So decisive and indifferent, that’s his character no mistake.

She had known about it a long time ago.

Even though she was still wrapped in a thick coat, Wen Yu still felt the biting cold at this moment.

The cold spread from the chest cavity to the fingertips, and the whole person was numb.

In the romantic restaurant, other people's Valentine's Day was still going on, but Wen Yu's Valentine's Day is only left with helplessness and loss after the truth is revealed.

She didn't drink a drop of red wine, and didn't give out her gift.

At this time, dressed up, she looked particularly ridiculous.

'Was anything true'

Thinking of the words Jiang Yuhe asked, Wen Yu's throat felt sore and painful as if being crushed over and over again, and it was so painful that she couldn't speak.

On the way back to Jiang’s house in a taxi, the rain was getting heavier, and pedestrians hugged their heads to hide from the rain.

A couple hid under the same coat and ran in the rain with a smile.

Wen Yu looked at the couple distractedly, and was a little envious.

She was thinking, maybe even the sky was not optimistic about the confession dinner she was preparing tonight, and that's why it rained so heavily.

The rain came so fast and violently that even the weather station issued an early warning.

On the radio, the host introduced the heavy rain tonight and reminded pedestrians to bring rain gear.

Wen Yu remembered the time Jiang Yuhe took her for hypnosis.

She said to him in the car, "Brother, if you are well, it will be sunny."

Unexpectedly, the radio station followed up and announced severe weather for the next day.

Wen Yu still remembered the expression on Jiang Yuhe's face at that time.

She also remembered herself at the time, following behind him.

At the beginning of the lie, Wen Yu had also step by step unknowingly been bitten by the game she set.

Today, there was no winner in this game.


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