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Such a Beautiful Face (4)

In the afternoon of the next day, Jiang Yuhe returned from Sioux City.

Originally, the plane would arrive at 3 or 4PM.

Who knew the flight would arrive late.

It was already 5PM when it actually landed.

Finally, he made it in time to have dinner with Wen Yu.

Lao He asked, "Boss, do you want to go directly to the restaurant that Miss Xiaoyu said She has already gone over."

No matter what, it was the first Valentine's Day for the two of them.

Jiang Yuhe didn't want to bring the dust from travelling all the way to dinner with Wen Yu, so he said, "Go back first so I can change my clothes."


Jiang Yuhe was a little tired, closed his eyes lightly, rubbed his brows and asked Li Bai in the car, "Is there anything wrong with the company in the past two days."

"There were no problems at the company, but there is a bit of excitement in the circle."


Li Bai said, "Didn’t Shen Mingjia, who almost signed a contract with the company before, cause a lot of scandals The shampoo girl revealed their chat records the day before yesterday.

You were right from the beginning.

This person is really bad and his character is really bad.

Now basically every company has blocked him."

Jiang Yuhe hummed, not very interested in this person.

Unexpectedly, Lao He suddenly joined the conversation.

"Oh, this kind of unscrupulous person should be blocked by the entire industry."

Lao He was always honest and upright.

He rarely knew any celebrity.

Since he said that, Li Bai laughed, "Uncle He, are you also gossiping"

"What kind of gossip This scumbag deceived Yinyin of 100,000 yuan.

If it weren't for Xiaoyu's help to get it back for our family, I would have no money for my wife’s surgery."


Jiang Yuhe also opened his eyes swiftly, and in a moment.

"She helped you get the money"

Lao He originally didn't want to say anything, but seeing Shen Mingjia end up like this, his heart was relieved.

"Boss, Xiao Yu asked me not to tell you, for fear that you are busy at work and would get distracted by such trivial things, but now that the matter has passed, I really need to tell you."

After spending two minutes, Lao He told them how Yinyin had taken money from the family to give to idols.

Wen Yu helped get the money back again, and finally said angrily.

"Our Yinyin liked this male star.

She is really blind and ignorant.

Later, after I hit her, I learned from her that she had given Xiaoyu’s WeChat to the male star before.

But I don’t know if the scum harassed Xiaoyu.

In short, it was certainly not easy for Xiaoyu to help me get the money back.

Boss, Xiaoyu is really a good girl."

Lao He's words sounded okay, and all made sense from beginning to end.

However, if you disassembled the sentence, the problem was very big.

Don't tell Jiang Yuhe...

Even Li Bai had sensed something was wrong.

He glanced at Jiang Yuhe in the rearview mirror.

The man put his elbow on the central armrest in the back row.

His eyes faintly looked out of the window for a long while, and he suddenly asked Li Bai.

"Shen Mingjia's date scandal"

Li Bai didn't know why Jiang Yuhe wanted to ask this question, but he immediately took out his mobile phone and searched it.

"The first time it broke was the night of February 7 in a hotel and he was then taken away by the police."

Jiang Yuhe didn't know what he was suspecting, but after listening to what Lao He said, he intuitively felt that everything was not so simple.

He was used to seeing countless schemes and conspiracies.

February 7th.

He quickly remembered that on the 6th and 7th, Wen Yu had asked for two days of leave in a row.

"Call Yinyin.

I have something to ask her." Jiang Yuhe said suddenly.

"Huh Now"

Li Bai had already seen something was wrong, and immediately motioned to Lao He.

"Hurry up."

Lao He pulled the car over in a daze and called his daughter.

"Yinyin, the boss wants to ask you something.

Please be honest."

Then he handed the phone to Jiang Yuhe.

Jiang Yuhe took it and asked directly, "What did Shen Mingjia say when he asked you for Yuyu’s WeChat."

Yinyin had messed up her family because of chasing idols.

She also regretted that she had leaked Wen Yu's WeChat account to please Shen Mingjia, thinking that Jiang Yuhe was here to blame her.

Yinyin immediately said.

"I'm sorry, I was chasing idols and got silly.

His assistant said that Shen Mingjia wanted to add Sister Yu and asked me to help, implying that as long as Shen Mingjia and Sister Yu would meet, he could get resources.

I gave it to him after a while."

Jiang Yuhe hung up the phone.

After a pause, thinking of something, he opened Weibo and found the previous hot search related to Shen Mingjia...


The two chatted secretly for a month after connecting through WeChat, and they met each other.

Who knows if the daughter of the wealthy owner of a group is actually a shampoo girl."

Jiang Yuhe couldn't tell what was wrong, but his intuition for many years told him that there must be a problem.

He frowned and closed his eyes, and began to search for some fragments in his mind.

The first time Shen Mingjia appeared in his conversation with Wen Yu, it seemed that it was because of the time when someone broke bad news about a scandal.

He helped with public relations, but Wen Yu asked him why he wanted to shield the scumbag.

The second time, on the day he said he would no longer sign with Shen Mingjia, Wen Yu was inexplicably excited.

The third time was the meeting in the parking lot that day.


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