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Such a Beautiful Face (2)

After a pause, she tentatively asked, "Brother, if one day...

I am really bullied by others, will you support me"

Jiang Yuhe sneered lightly.

"Who would bully you"

Her stomach was full of cleverness.* It was a good thing she didn’t take the initiative to bully others.


She didn't know if he’s complimenting her or insulting her.

Forget it.

Don't ask.

These were the topics they should discuss on Valentine's Day.

Let's let things go right now.

A happy day is a good day.

One day at a time.

Jiang Yuhe went to Sioux City on a business trip the next day.

Because of the domino effect brought by the hot search, Shen Mingjia's reputation collapsed like an avalanche.

Even if his remaining fans worked hard to maintain and explain on the Internet, nothing couldbe restored.

But Wen Yu didn't let him go because of this.

Jiang Yuhe was not in Beijing, and she was even more unscrupulous, killing Shen Mingjia frantically.

Wen Yu edited the chat history with the scumbag during this period of time.

All the keywords related to Jiang Yuhe and the company were blurred, and then posted on Weibo again to let everyone appreciate how much of a boot licker Shen Mingjia was.

God was still kind to Wen Yu.

Although she lost her old mobile phone and couldn't find the record of Shen Mingjia boot licking her in the past, by changing her identity, this man took the initiative to send evidence to her door.

Sure enough, it’s a bootlickers destiny.

Wen Yu now saw him as a bereaved dog, the kind that was beaten so badly he could not get up.

When the chat history was posted, netizens became even more disgusted with the name Shen Mingjia.

They turned their backs on him, and asked such dirty people to quit the entertainment circle.

On the afternoon of the 13th, the day before Jiang Yuhe returned, Wen Yu asked You Xin to go out shopping.

"He will be back tomorrow, understand I'm so nervous now.

I haven't been so nervous since the college entrance examination."

The two best friends were walking around the mall holding cups of milk tea.

You Xin started to guide her.

"What are you afraid of I have already thought about it for you.

Men have two major weaknesses."

Wen Yu immediately raised her ears.


"First, afraid of women crying," You Xin said.

"So tomorrow when you confess, you need to look sad, tearful and pitiful, understand"

Wen Yu thought for a moment, "Understood.

I often use this trick.

What's the other one"

At this moment, the two of them just walked to the door of a boutique.

A very beautiful and sexy black feather dress with straps was displayed in the window.

You Xin sighed, "The other one is right there."

Wen Yu followed her eyes and looked over, seemingly understood but still unsure.

"What do you mean"

"Use your beauty to tempt him, stupid!" You Xin pulled Wen Yu in front of the dress.

"Did you forget the black velvet dress you wore at the last concert Really, your sexiness explodes when you wear black! Even me,a woman, drools when I see it, let alone a normal man like President Jiang."


Wen Yu felt that something was wrong with You Xin.

"Tomorrow you will dress yourself in the style you liked in the past, with your long hair curled, amorous, and with a sexy dress on.

When that happens, as long as you see that he is going to be angry, you will immediately take off your coat and show your sexy outfit.

With the strappy dress, I guarantee that President Jiang will immediately not be angry."


"Because it's hard.

It's too late to get angry."


Good guy.

As soon as you speak, you're like a veteran player.

Wen Yu digested it for a while before opening her mouth.

"Tell me honestly, did you make a lot of pornography without telling me"

You Xin replied, "This is common sense, okay You have to know how to grasp the main point of a man.

Is anger the main point Of course not.

Besides, it will be Valentine's Day tomorrow.

This holiday is already very amorous.

This is a buff given to you by God, so you have to use it well."

Wen Yu suspected that if she really wanted to do this according to You Xin’s plan, she may not be confessing in the restaurant tomorrow night...

But in Jiang Yuhe's bedroom.

She silently took a sip of the milk tea, imagined some of the passionate scenes in her brain, and suddenly felt hot all over.

"Forget it.

I told you to go out shopping with me, what porn are you directing here"

Wen Yu was about to leave, but You Xin forcibly pulled her into the store, and swiped the beautiful black dress with one hand.

"Sister is gifting you this armor, so don't be afraid and charge forward."


"But I didn't come shopping today to buy something for myself."

"Who would you buy for"

Wen Yu told You Xin that Jiang Yuhe accidentally took the pair of cufflinks.

"Although I have convinced myself that the pair of cufflinks are destined to belong to him, I still want to buy him a new gift."

You Xin nodded, agreeing.

"Yes, it is necessary."

So the two went to the men's area on the third floor.

"What can you give to an elite man like President Jiang A lighter A pen A tie clip..."

You Xin looked around and suggested, but didn't hear Wen Yu's voice for a long time.

Looking back, she was already standing in front of a brand store.

This was a European handmade leather goods brand.

You Xin suddenly realized something.

"It's not bad, but it's a good choice to buy a wallet."

However, Wen Yu shook her head and said, "No."


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