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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 119

You Know Each Other (3)

Did you believe my casual nonsense

And months had passed, even Wen Yu herself forgot about it.

At that time, it was to prevent Jiang Yuhe from feeling that she was sucking up too much, so she complimented other men to go against the routine.

Did he take it seriously

"I was talking nonsense." Wen Yu said seriously.

"Well, that day was nonsense." Jiang Yuhe asked calmly: "What about today"


That's not good.

He is a good friend of yours, do you have to be so stingy and fight with him until there’s a winner

Jiang Yuhe threw away all the papers in his hand and looked at her intently:



Wen Yu glanced at Jiang Yuhe's eyes, "Should I be honest."

Hearing this sentence, Jiang Yuhe is no longer happy: "Nonsense."

Wen Yu thought for a while, and silently pulled the stool away, keeping a little distance from Jiang Yuhe.

Then she took a book to cover her face, and after all these extra actions were completed, she cautiously replied: "It's still President Qi."

Jiang Yuhe: "......"

It was strangely quiet for a few seconds.

Suddenly, Jiang Yuhe hooked Wen Yu's chair with his feet, and dragged her along with the stool in front of him, and took away her book.

"Say it again."

Wen Yu said that on purpose.

She wanted to make a joke and play with Jiang Yuhe, but she didn't expect him to react like this.

Now she was caught by him, and the eyes of the two are close together.

At first, it can be said that they are arguing and messing around.

After a while, there was a slightly ambiguous and sultry atmosphere.

Wen Yu couldn't stand the confrontation, and her cheeks were slightly hot.

Fortunately, at this time, a rush of bells helped her out.

After ringing for a long time, Jiang Yuhe released his foot and pushed her back to her original position, gave another look of [I will clear you up later], and then answered the phone.

It was Wen Junlong.

Jiang Yuhe knew at a glance that it was about Shen Mingjia.

This person's trending was so loud that even he was bombarded by the overwhelming news as soon as he got up in the morning.

As expected--

"President Jiang, about Mingjia I want to help him say a few words."

Jiang Yuhe leaned back on the seat, and although he was listening to the other person, his eyes fell carelessly on Wen Yu.

"Mingjia was schemed against this time.

It is a common sex scandal in the circle.

He really didn't call prostitutes.

He was framed by his ex-girlfriend.

His ex-girlfriend is a crazy lunatic.

After the family went bankrupt, she may be a little delirious.

Always attacking Shen Mingjia and not letting go, she was probably behind the scenes last time, this time he—"

Jiang Yuhe frowned and interrupted him: "Director Wen."

The other party paused, "Huh"

"I gave you a favor last time, but this type of thing like favors is not unlimited at my place, you should know."

Wen Junlong sighed: "I understand, but..."

"I don't care what the reasons behind it are.

I am a businessman.

I only care about the value of the goods.

This person is no longer valuable, so don't waste my time."

Without waiting for Wen Junlong to speak, Jiang Yuhe hung up the phone.

Then not knowing who he called, his tone is cold and heavy:

"Shen Mingjia's contract doesn't need to be signed, and the role in "Quest for the Dragon Files" will be changed immediately.

Yasheng will not participate in any of his news."

Originally, the "Quest for the Dragon Files" would be officially announced tomorrow.

Fortunately, the scandal broke out today, otherwise Jiang Yuhe would have to handle the public relations for him.

What did Wen Junlong say

He has a crazy ex-girlfriend that went mad after she went bankrupt.

He sneered and shook his head.

Don't provoke a woman in any way; who knows if it’s a harmless white rabbit next to him or a scheming lunatic.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yuhe glanced at Wen Yu beside him again.

Fortunately, although this woman is a little pretentious at times, she is at least lovely and kind.

He turned to her again: "Go on."

However, at this time, Wen Yu's heart was already surging like a big river.

She! Just! Listened! To! What!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The signing was ruined, the role was changed, and even Jiang Yuhe spoke out that he was not going to intervene in the scumbag’s issue, which basically means the scumbag is blocked out of the entertainment world.

Wen Yu finally tore off Shen Mingjia's last panties.

And Jiang Yuhe's decisiveness helped her invisibly.

Does this count as...

The two worked together to overthrow the scumbag

Why continue My brother follows up with a blow and it's over——

"I didn't finish speaking just now.

Although President Qi looks good in a white shirt, does he dare to wear a black shirt He doesn't dare, because you are the spokesperson of black.

Brother wearing a black shirt is a different kind of fireworks.

My brother is unique.

Brother is a high achiever that everyone looks up to, brother..."

"Okay." Jiang Yuhe didn't know why this little mouth was suddenly so sweet and coaxing.

Although exaggerated, he was inexplicably placated.

It was to the point that Wen Junlong's annoying phone call didn't disgust him as much.

At this moment, Wen Yu had thousands of thoughts in her mind, was filled with emotions, and her emotions were very excited.

Accidentally, her eyes fell on the cufflinks on Jiang Yuhe's wrist.

No, that thing has affected her for half a day; there is really no way to turn a blind eye.

"Brother," Wen Yu reached out and fiddled with one of the cufflinks and said tentatively: "Actually, I don't think this is really suitable for you, why don’t I change it"

Jiang Yuhe said indifferently: "It's not necessary."

There was a pause for two seconds: "Whether it's suitable depends on who gifted it."

Wen Yu: "..."

In fact, the cufflinks were in Jiang Yuhe's hands.

Perhaps it was also destiny, right

He was destined to have a J in his name.

It was destined that these cufflinks could not be given to Shen Mingjia.

Destiny that after so much has happened, the cufflinks wanted to find a new owner.


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