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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 116

Cufflinks with the Letter J (5)

Fang Ying knocked on the door, and when the door opened, she clearly saw a scene completely inconsistent with what she had imagined.

She was stunned for a moment, and then her expression showed her losing control.

Everything was the same as in Wen Yu's plan.

Thinking that she was being cheated on, Fang Ying violently entered the room, and they heard her questioning and quarreling through the closed door.

The scene began to fall into chaos.

You Xin snorted, "There is probably a fight inside."

Wen Yu thought of herself at the time, and laughed at herself: "Isn't it better if they fight"

She pointed to the two people approaching in the distance: "Look, the audience is here."

At the end of the aisle, two men in police uniforms walked towards Room 2009 and knocked on the door very seriously.

This scene is very short, but there was wave after wave, heavy events, and all are within Wen Yu's strict plan.

She heard the police say: "Hello, we have received a community report that there are illegal prostitution activities here.

Please show your ID."

Wen Yu and You Xin smiled at each other, quietly admiring Shen Mingjia's panicked face and further admiring his bewildered explanation.

But it's useless.

It's a plot.

A plot that can't be cleared no matter what.

The three people in the room were taken away one after another.

The guests in the surrounding rooms heard the noise, and some took out their mobile phones to secretly take pictures.

Shen Mingjia lowered his head and put on a mask, trying to conceal his existence as much as possible, but it didn’t matter—

At this time, Wen Yu also walked out of the room and stood in the hallway.

The little girl behind the police in front of her made an OK gesture to her behind her back.

She jerked her lips.

Before housekeeping arrived, she calmly walked into Room 2009 and took away her pre-installed camera from a hidden place on the TV wall.

Everything happened like a cascade.

And after being swallowed and flooded, it ended so peacefully.

Before You Xin recovered from her daze, "It's over"

"Of course."

It’s a waste of time to spend any extra time with this kind of scumbag.

This time it was Lao He’s 100,000 that finally made Wen Yu cruel and gave a swift end to the relationship between them.

"I'm going back." Wen Yu said, "I have to cut out the highlights of these people in advance.

If he dares to suppress the news by public relations, I will let him know what Thor's Hammer is tomorrow."

You Xin: "..."

Wen Yu, who came home, was bored in her room exporting the recorded material.

She had to say that although the price of the little girl invited is high, she is really good at it.

After a few words, Shen Mingjia with all kinds of intimacy touched her head and let his hands wander.

The subsequent melee was even more ridiculous and exciting.

After cutting the small video and various GIF photos in one breath, it was already 6:30 in the afternoon.

Wen Yu relaxed her lower spine, and the phone suddenly rang.

It is a message from a second-hand goods website: [Are the cufflinks you were selling still available]

Wen Yu was taken aback for a moment, and she didn't react for a while.

Later, she slowly remembered that when she first went bankrupt, she took pictures of the pair of cufflinks engraved with the letter J that she was going to give to Shen Mingjia and posted them on the second-hand online site in order not to waste a penny.

At that time, her list price was 30% off, 100,000 yuan.

She resolved the scumbag today, and the money the scumbag owed her was also invisibly repaid in another way.

Everything coincides like heaven's will.

Wen Yu immediately replied to the other party: [Still here, do you want it]

The other party said: [Well, I like this style very much, but can you take a close-up of the letter J on the back and let me see it Your page does not have a detailed picture.]

Wen Yu hurriedly asked him to wait.

Then she turned over the pair of cufflinks from the depths of the drawer, put them in front of the dressing table and took two pictures carefully and sent them over.

[Take a look, tell me what else is needed.]

Just after typing this line, there was a loud noise downstairs, like the sound of something being smashed.

Wen Yu was taken aback by the sound, so she went out subconsciously and saw Aunt Shi’er squatting in a pile of glass shards, she hurriedly rushed downstairs, "Are you okay, Aunt Shi’er"

Aunt Shi’er picked up the fragments quickly.

"It's okay.

I tripped over a chair, and the vase in my hand flew out."

While speaking, she suddenly became uneasy: "Could it be that something is going to happen"

After all, as a professional housekeeper, she has never messed up anything in these past years, and today is the first time.

"What’s going to happen, isn't this just an accident"

Wen Yu comforted Aunt Shi’er, who still felt that this was an ominous omen.

She waited to help clean up the ground before returning upstairs.

When she walked to the door of her room, she found that Jiang Yuhe had come up from the basement elevator at some point, and he was now standing in her room.

Wen Yu was in a good mood, and smiled happily at him, "Looking for me, brother Why are you off work today so—"

Before the word "early" could be spoken, Wen Yu froze.

The smile on her face was lost in an instant, and her eyes looked straight at the things in Jiang Yuhe's hand.

The man was standing in front of the dressing table, playing with the objects thoughtfully between his fingers.

When Wen Yu came back, he turned to look at her.

The look in his eyes is a bit subtle.

"Did you buy this in the afternoon"

Wen Yu: "..."


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