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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 114

Cufflinks with the Letter J (3)

At the beginning, the scumbag was so affectionate and righteous to her.

Although Wen Yu believed that from the perspective of character and morality, Jiang Yuhe would not be a scum like Shen Mingjia, nothing is certain.

Now the positions of Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe are reversed, and it is her who deceived others this time.

Even if Jiang Yuhe became hostile to her instantly, he was well within reason.

Although she has always been optimistic that she can get his forgiveness by confession and leniency, what if he doesn't

He once said that he is a businessman, not a judge.

At that time, he did not help her to judge Shen Mingjia.

And her time in these three months had also felt like a waste of time.

This more Wen Yu thought about it, the 100,000 yuan of frustration made her sober up.

She was already wrong.

She already decided to confess her mistake, so why does she need to stop this mistake now

She should take care of Shen Mingjia thoroughly before confessing, and then honestly confess everything to Jiang Yuhe.

If he forgives her, then they can all be well in the future.

If he didn't forgive her, at least she has completed one thing.

That way she won’t leave empty handed and get nothing.

The night is extremely clear and calm, and Wen Yu has never felt so sober before.

Even after just a few minutes, a perfect kill plan gradually formed in her heart.

She picked up the phone and found the dialogue window with Shen Mingjia.

The chatting stopped two days ago, when he doubted her identity and whether she was really Jiang Yuhe's sister.

After thinking about it, Wen Yu took the initiative to find him this time:

[Sorry, my brother and I had a quarrel two days ago, and I was in a bad mood, so I never got back to you.


Shen Mingjia answered very quickly: [Don’t cry my dear Yu, what's the matter]

It took Wen Yu an entire hour to expressionlessly compose a story about the quarrel between brother and sister, and to vividly act out a rebellious sister who didn't like her brother's control.

She knew that she was not enthusiastic about Shen Mingjia before, so she had to come with such a warm-up first, and then the following plot could be gradual and reasonable.

After talking with Shen Mingjia, Wen Yu immediately contacted You Xin, "Can you find a reason to ask Fang Ying out alone soon"

Since that time when Wen Yu asked You Xin to pay attention to hooking up with Fang Ying, You Xin ran to the studio next door to pretend to play with Fang Ying when she had nothing to do.

The most important thing is that Fang Ying knows that You Xin has been signed by Yasheng, and that she has also got a role in "Quest for the Dragon Files".

Her future is much better than hers, and she also wants to win her over.

Each is considered to be plotting their own schemes, and it just happens they want to be closer to each other.

You Xin: "Tomorrow Fang Ying and her team will shoot a big scene.

Maybe it won't work.

The day after tomorrow, she has always wanted to read my "Quest for the Dragon Files" script.

I can trick her out."

Wen Yu thought for a while.

It is also a good thing to have an extra day; she can prepare more fully.

This time she has to strike, and if she strikes then she must completely level the scumbag.

Just like a report card for herself after three months of undercover, after everything is over, Wen Yu can be a new clean person in front of Jiang Yuhe.

If he is still willing to give her a chance.

The next day, Wen Yu asked Jiang Yuhe for a day off, saying that she wanted to go to the film and television city to experience the atmosphere of a filming scene.

Jiang Yuhe felt that this was a good thing, so he didn't interfere and did what she asked.

During this relaxed day, Wen Yu continued to cling on to Shen Mingjia and cried to him about her unhappiness.

She said that she wanted to find a boyfriend and get away from her brother's discipline; she also did two other things.

First thing, she randomly found a five-star hotel and opened two rooms.

Second thing, she quietly went to the famous red light district in Beijing.

After two days of chatting, on the third day, Shen Mingjia had successfully become the most trusted audience of "Jiang Yuhe’s sister".

With such a hot stage, the timing is just right.

You Xin sent a message to Wen Yu in the morning: [Made an appointment with Fang Ying, three o’clock in the afternoon.]

After a while, You Xin still felt uneasy: [Is it really okay to do this Will something go wrong]

Wen Yu is determined to risk it all to get a positive result.

The 100,000 yuan she spent to wipe Shen Mingjia’s ass could not be used in vain.

The previous tricks are all appetizers.

This time she is determined to kill the scumbag completely so that he can’t recover.

On one side Wen Yu asked You Xin to act according to plan, and the other side quickly contacted Shen Mingjia, enduring nausea for the final dialogue:

[Mingjia gege, I just had a quarrel with my brother in the office, I want to run away from home.

Can you come pick me up ]]

Wen Yu couldn't bring herself to call him Brother, so she could only use English letters to sound out gege instead, anyway, the little girls at the moment like to write brother like that.

Although Shen Mingjia has been teasing her all this time, he has always been very conservative and has not said anything excessive.

It can be seen that although he is scum, he still has a brain.


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