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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 113

Cufflinks with the Letter J (2)

In fact, this necklace was bought by Jiang Yuhe from the specialized counter before going to Jiangcheng, and he was going to give it to Zhao Wenjing after their meeting.

Jiang Yuhe admitted that he had an unforgettable feeling in his heart for the woman who gave the note.

After excluding all the women at the scene, Zhao Wenjing was the only possible candidate, so he bought the gift.

But he didn't expect that after the meeting, everything was not what he expected.

Although the other party had the same perfume smell and was wearing clothes of a similar style, for some reason, Jiang Yuhe felt that the feeling had changed.

She is not like that woman, nor is she like the person he imagined.

Therefore, the necklace was not gifted in the end.

Jiang Yuhe had no plans to watch the video sent by Liu Tuan.

There are many fates in the world.

That woman may just have amazed him at that moment, nothing more.

Jiang Yuhe knows who is more important in his heart now.

Who really deserves the word "unforgettable" and matches with this necklace.

So whether Zhao Wenjing is that woman, and whether that woman is someone else, Jiang Yuhe no longer wants to verify.

Perceiving Wen Yu's murmur as if she was dissatisfied with his reply, he immediately added indifferently: "Wear it well, don't take it off."

His tone didn’t permit any contests.

Wen Yu pursed her lips.

The things that went wrong at night were hard to settle.

The strange anger on her body had not disappeared: "The necklace is so beautiful, won't you give it to that sister you are looking for"

Jiang Yuhe raised his eyes and said calmly: "Can’t I send it to my sister"

Wen Yu: "..."

"I’m done, go back and sleep."

Although some emotions of adult men and women are very subtle, Wen Yu can feel it.

For example, for the necklace at this moment, even though Jiang Yuhe didn't say anything, she could still feel his sincerity.

He was actually explaining Liu Tuan's words, but in a very special and also very overbearing way.

It’s his usual style, and it’s not wrong that Wen Yu feels comforted, but—

She suddenly felt a little guilty too.

Such a meaningful necklace was worn by such a liar like her.

It felt like a heavy iron chain strapped to her chest, and like a rope on the gallows, hanging around her neck.

Wen Yu swallowed and wanted to say something, but after hesitating for a long time, she still didn't say anything.

She turned around slowly, walked to the door, and gathered the courage to turn around, "Brother, are you free on the 14th."

Jiang Yuhe's expression flashed subtly for a moment, "This month"

"Well, I want to invite you to dinner that day."

Jiang Yuhe paused and looked at her from a distance: "Why"

"There is no reason.

I just want to have a meal with you.

By the way..." Wen Yu stewed in her thoughts for a few seconds, and her voice weakened, "I have something to say to you."

She hesitated and stopped repeatedly as she spoke, but Jiang Yuhe interpreted that she was shy and embarrassed.

He clasped his hands on the tabletop, stared at Wen Yu for a while, and chuckled, "Okay."

This is the official date for confessing.

Wen Yu let out a sigh of relief and left the study after saying goodnight.

After returning to her room, Wen Yu sat in front of the dressing table, gently stroked her collarbone with her hand, feeling the temperature of the necklace.

The more harmonious the current situation is, the more guilty Wen Yu feels.

She always felt that all this is accepted on credit.

She really doesn't know how to return all the favors to Jiang Yuhe on Valentine's Day.

Wen Yu sighed; the closer she came to confessing, the more she felt that she was no different from Shen Mingjia.

A male scumbag and a female scumbag.

Both deceiving others.

No, how could she be like that scumbag

Thinking of Shen Mingjia's name, Wen Yu remembered how Lao He was secretly weeping and helpless in the car.

The scumbag is not only emotionally a scumbag, he even has to swallow up the money for other people's medical treatment.

It was hard for her to accept.

Probably after the last explosion of negative public opinion, he was anxious and started to use whatever means he could to get money.

Behind those extravagant fan’s cheering gifts, how many parents like Lao He are completely unaware

He's too wicked; he has no bottom line.

Thinking of this, Wen Yu immediately remembered Mrs.

He who was still lying in the hospital.

This matter couldn't be delayed.

She immediately transferred 100,000 yuan to Uncle He, told him that the money was returned, and hurried to perform surgery on Mrs.

He first.

After a pause, she told him not to tell Jiang Yuhe about this matter.

"My brother is already very busy.

This kind of trivial matter is not worth distracting him."

Lao He was grateful for this.

He didn't expect Wen Yu to help him get the money back overnight.

However, after doing this, Wen Yu did not feel the joy in helping others.

She just felt aggrieved.

The scumbag is happily celebrating with the money.

Why does she even need to help him clean his mess here after breaking up

Memories of the initial injury he gave her are still clear.

The scene of Wen Yu full of joy after taking the cufflinks from the mall, and the words Shen Mingjia said to her in the hotel room.

She has not forgotten.

In addition to the ridiculous truth, what Wen Yu could not forget most was the sentence she asked Shen Mingjia--

"It wasn't like this when you used to chase me."

At that time the man replied to her: “That was in the past, people will change."

And so--

At that time, Shen Mingjia changed.

Will Jiang Yuhe change now


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