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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 112

Cufflinks with the Letter J (1)

On the way back after listening to the concert, no one mentioned what Liu Tuan had said.

Wen Yu didn't ask, and Jiang Yuhe didn't explain.

It seems that no one has ever said anything in front of them like, "The woman you were looking for".

After returning home, Wen Yu went back to her room by herself and closed the door.

There was a bit of unspeakable unhappiness.

She had the impression that Jiang Yuhe was looking for a woman.

When they returned to Jiangcheng, Li Bai told her that the boss had been looking for a woman for a long time.

At that time, Jiang Yuhe went to meet Zhao Wenjing.

Although the last meeting was disturbed by her, after just listening to Liu Tuan's words, Jiang Yuhe seems to still be obsessed with that woman.

In other words, Zhao Wenjing may not be the person Jiang Yuhe was looking for.

In other words, it turns out that Jiang Yuhe still hides an unobtainable pure love in his heart.

On one hand he kissed her, saying he wanted to be a brother in any capacity, on the other hand he is like a butterfly in a garden, hopping from flower to fauna.

What a frivolous man!

And even though he knew she heard, he didn’t try to explain anything, isn't that a tacit consent

Ah ah ah ah ah!

Sure enough, men are not good things!

Wen Yu didn't know why she was angry.

She later realized that this feeling was the same as when she thought Jiang Yuhe was partial to Sang Chen.

The same unhappy, uncomfortable, irritating feeling everywhere.

She was lying on the bed sullenly when WeChat made a sudden beep.

Wen Yu thought it was Shen Mingjia who was harassing her again, but when she took it out and took a look--

Jyh: [Come to the study room.]

Should I go just because you tell me to go

Doesn’t she have her pride

Wen Yu replied: [Is there anything wrong []]


If you say a few more words, will it kill you

Although Wen Yu was unwilling, she was very obedient and put on her slippers, opened the door, and walked over.

Sitting at the desk in the study, Jiang Yuhe saw her standing at the door and motioned: "Come here."

Wen Yu didn't know why he was asking her to go over.

She approached and saw Jiang Yuhe's computer was on.

Thinking he was watching the video sent by Liu Tuan just now, she gave an ugly smile.

"Brother asked me to come and help you find that beautiful sister, right"

Very weird.

Jiang Yuhe smiled, put down the pen in his hand, leaned back on the chair, and looked at her: "Which pretty sister"

Who knows who the woman you are looking for is

Wen Yu didn't want to answer this kind of question, and she was unwilling to say, "Then why are you looking for me Hurry up, I want to take a bath and sleep."

He seriously looked at her for a few seconds, Jiang Yuhe pointed his chin to the place beside him: "Stand there."

Her posture was like someone going forward to listen to reproach.

Wen Yu thought for a while.

She didn't make any mistakes today.

Not only did she make no mistakes, but she answered his questions correctly.

Is it about the boyfriend

Wen Yu couldn't figure out Jiang Yuhe's thoughts and stepped forward with a guilty conscience.

When she arrived in front of him, she heard him say: "Turn around."

Wen Yu:

She didn't turn around right away, using a kind of [Do you want to take advantage of my carelessness and do something like last time from behind this time!] eyes to question Jiang Yuhe.

The man also noticed it, and after a moment of silence, said: "I won't do anything to you."

Wen Yu blinked immediately: "I didn't say that you wanted to do something to me."


At this time the host has lost on his own turf.

Jiang Yuhe was too lazy to banter with her, got up, and pulled her over.

"Stand still."

Wen Yu just stood there, waiting to see what this brother was going to do.

Unexpectedly, just a few seconds later, she noticed that the skin around the collarbone of her neck was covered with ice.

Then a warm touch swept across the nape of her neck.

It was Jiang Yuhe's hand, rubbing on the back of her neck.

This kind of contact caught Wen Yu off guard, and small electric currents quickly ran across her body.

Fearing that the man would notice her reaction, Wen Yu hurriedly lowered her hot face only to realize that there was a crystal necklace on her neck.

The pendant of the chain is a very small ruby.

Once a VIP of various luxury brands, she quickly recognized the brand of this necklace.

She didn't know what Jiang Yuhe meant by giving her this necklace, but Wen Yu was very aware of the promotion of this necklace when the brand launched it.

This is the "Unforgettable" series launched by a jewelry brand this year.

The rubies are dotted on the chest, like a cinnabar mole, which will entwine on someone’s neck and become unforgettable for a long time.

Is he suggesting something

"It's done." Jiang Yuhe said after he fastened the chain, "Turn around."

Wen Yu, who had already understood the meaning behind the necklace in her heart, had preconceived certain impure ideas, and at the moment she turned around, she could no longer look directly at Jiang Yuhe's eyes.

She hung her head slightly, her eyes falling on the man's black shirt.

His shirt was unbuttoned, and he looked a little more scattered than he was in the office during the day.

From Wen Yu's angle, she could see the man's flickering collarbone at the neckline, descending, and her uncontrollable brain imagined his naked upper body that she had seen before.

Feeling that there was something wrong in her thinking, Wen Yu quickly pulled back her thoughts and asked Jiang Yuhe with a calm mind: "Why are you suddenly gifting me this necklace"

Jiang Yuhe sat back in his seat and replied casually: "I wanted to, so I did."


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