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Are You Here to Listen with Your Boyfriend (4)

Wen Yu suddenly thought of the reason why Lao He stared at the billboard in the morning and was distracted.

After thinking about it, that's right, it seemed like it was the birthday of the scumbag a few days ago.

She was speechless, "Yinyin is so old now, how would she do something without thinking"

Lao He choked up and said, "I asked her the same.

She said it is the hard and fast rule of the support club.

That she is head of the group, and she needs to take the lead..."

What **ing take the lead.

Wen Yu was so angry that her fists clenched, "Can't you get it back"

"I inquired about the place where the star was filming.

I went to ask his agent yesterday.

I said that our family is in a special situation and needed the money to save lives, but they said that this kind of thing is voluntary action by fans, and they don't care." He lowered his head sadly, "I wanted to borrow money from the boss during the day, but I couldn't say it."

This agent's mouth is what Shen Mingjia meant.

He is such a selfish, vain and conscientious person, he can definitely do that kind of thing.

Jiang Yuhe called to ask why Wen Yu hadn't come up yet.

Wen Yu calmed down and could only comfort Lao He first: "Don't worry, I have a friend who knows the star that Yinyin likes.

I'll ask someone to help.

We should be able to get it back."

There was finally a glimmer of hope in Lao He's eyes, "Really That's great, thank you Xiaoyu!"

Is the scumbag crazy due to lack of money He even asks fans to raise money to give him money in the name of celebrating his birthday.

It's really bad.

Wen Yu's head hurt as she returned to the concert hall with her mobile phone.

Jiang Yuhe was already sitting in his seat, looking down at the program list.

The moment she saw him, Wen Yu finally knew the difference between people.

Some people, even if the edited photos are posted on the billboards, can make her instantly nauseous.

And some people just sit there so casually, just like a perfect painting, that makes people's eyes watch intently.

"Are you going to stand in the aisle and listen" Jiang Yuhe looked at her.

Wen Yu closed her eyes suddenly, and sat beside him calmly.

After a few seconds, she also picked up the program list in her seat and pretended to appreciate it.

"Huh, is it the Aiyun Orchestra" Wen Yu saw the familiar name, "I've listened to their performances before!"

And it was at that concert that I gave you a note, otherwise you might have been raped, you know!

Wen Yu was complacent for a few seconds, and then she suddenly reacted after she noticed a gaze staring at her——

Fuck, the mouth spoke before thinking!

Jiang Yuhe bent his elbows to look at her with interest: "When have you heard it"


Wen Yu looked down and thought for two seconds, then quickly gave a self-confessed answer with full marks: "On TV."

"Really." Jiang Yuhe's eyes are even more unclear: "Aiyun is a commercial symphony orchestra and has never been on TV."


Stop while you’re ahead, brother.

I accidentally let my mouth run.

Do you have to focus on me like this

"Then I may have remembered the name wrong." Wen Yu was very calm, and emphasized after speaking, "These kind of orchestra are all called Aiyue, Aiyuun, Aini, Aiwo, Aita, it's normal to get them mixed up."

After she finished talking, she glanced at Jiang Yuhe secretly but just happened to catch his gaze.

He did not speak, did not ask, just looked straight at her with a little inquiry.

Wen Yu was pretending to be calm, but after seeing this look, she felt a kind of guilty conscience like she was seen through.

But the more guilty she felt, the more stable she was.

Wen Yu immediately straightened her chest and pretended to look forward to the performance: "The opening is Rachmaninov's "Symphony No.

2 in E minor", brother, have you heard it, I—"

"Did you go with your boyfriend"

Wen Yu was talking nonsense, when she suddenly heard such a sentence, her words stopped.

She was stunned, turned her head, "What"

The concert hadn't started yet.

At the elegant occasion, even the surrounding audience paid special attention to the atmosphere, and there was no sound at all.

Wen Yu looked at Jiang Yuhe like this, looking innocent and dazed, but in fact she was already panicked.

What boyfriend is he talking about

Does he know about Shen Mingjia

No, if he knew, he wouldn’t be able to talk to her like this

What does he mean by that sentence

The two looked at each other, and after a stalemate for a few seconds, Jiang Yuhe seemed to have lost interest in the question, and he faintly looked away, "It's nothing."

Wen Yu opened her mouth, and her mood made her go up and down like a roller coaster.

She watched the stage blankly for a while, her mind buzzed, and she didn't even know when Liu Tuan came over.

He greeted her first: "Hello Xiaoyu, I haven't seen you for a long time, how have you been doing"

Wen Yu turned around and saw Liu Tuan sitting beside Jiang Yuhe.

She smiled politely, "Thank you, pretty good."

Liu Tuan nodded, "That's good."

Tonight is his orchestra’s performance, Jiang Yuhe personally came to the scene.

No matter what, as the head of the orchestra, Liu Tuan had to come say hello.

After a few polite remarks, he remembered something and suddenly asked Jiang Yuhe:

"By the way, did you find the woman you were looking for last time"

It seemed that some terrible keyword was triggered, and Wen Yu, who was originally looking at the front, turned her head suddenly.

Faintly staring at Jiang Yuhe.

Jiang Yuhe gave a light cough and answered Liu Tuan lightly: "Go and prepare."

In fact, this answer is already implying that Liu Tuan’s topic can be ended.

However, Liu Tuan is also an upright person, and he didn't stop talking about it.

"That's right.

I went to a colleague's house not long ago to be a guest, and learned that he had specially recorded a half-hour video of that performance.

I will ask him to send the video to your mailbox later.

You can carefully look for the woman's presence.


Jiang Yuhe: "..."


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