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Brother (2)

She was in a car accident, but she could get compensation.

Also, this money was enough to give someone like her, who could not make ends meet, some room to breathe.

The damage was a bit big, but at least the heavens have opened a small window for her.

Wen Yu evaluated the situation and looked up.

When she was about to open her mouth and talk to Jiang Yuhe, the man said, “Or was there something else you wanted to ask for”

Wen Yu accidentally met his gaze.

She was taken aback.

… Any other demands

Suddenly, Wen Yu finally realized something.

You Xin said that he was a wealthy boss who could play with people within the entertainment industry as if he were a god.

What were the key words

Entertainment industry!

Wealthy boss!

This was the company that even Shen Mingjia, that piece of trash, tried to butter up!

Something was slowly forming in Wen Yus mind.

She was suddenly wide awake.

Why would she want money She wanted to break Shen Mingjias bones.

She wanted to scatter Shen Mingjias ashes.

She wanted to show him the consequences of deceiving her and make him pay the price of kicking her out when she was down!

She was going to turn her life around!

Her heart throbbed in excitement.

Her hand trembled.

One talisman in her hand and she could have the world.

Good man.

Its a good thing she didnt lose that lucky talisman.

Wasnt Jiang Yuhe the best good fortune heaven has ever given her If she could seize the opportunity and use it wisely, does she still need to fear that she couldnt deal with that scummy man

Wen Yu felt like she had taken 100 adrenaline shots.

Her brain was turning and creating a storm of ideas, ready to take flight.

To succeed, one must first have the courage to take the route of no retreat.

Look at Li Man.

Even she was willing to use drugs and not afraid to use evil tricks.

Now she was a victim of a car accident.

She had to use this to her advantage and entangle herself with this man.

When Jiang Yuhe saw that Wen Yu was still in a trance, he frowned.

“Whats your name Where do you live Or is there someone in your family I can contact”


Wen Yus brain went, “Ding!”.

She found the entry point for her ideas.

“My family” She looked back at him.

At last, she said her first words since waking up.

“Brother, arent you right here”

Jiang Yuhe merely went, “”

Wen Yu carefully pulled his sleeve and said in a low voice.

“I dont know how much compensation I want.

Brother, I want to go home.

You know how much I hate hospitals.”


The several people in front of the hospital bed looked at each other and after a moment, the doctor examined Wen Yu again.

Her whole body was put through a CT scan yesterday and, apart from the severe bruising on her lower leg and the injury of the nasal bone, there were no other injuries.

In the end, after discussing the situation in their office, the doctors came to a conclusion.

“The ladys nose is fractured, which means when she landed, she may have also suffered brain damage.

Although the scans do not show any injuries, we cannot ignore the possibility of post-traumatic stress disorder.

It can cause cognitive and memory confusion, just like what shes experiencing right now; forgetting who she is, thinking that youre her relative and thinking youre her brother.”

“How can we cure it” Jiang Yuhe frowned.

“Theres no definite cure at this time.

Healing is the best way, as well as waiting for her body to recover and the mind to clear up.”

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Jiang Yuhe didnt have the patience to help an unrelated woman look for her memories and was even more uninterested in bearing the identity of her brother.

After he left the doctors office, he planned on calling Lao He to let him know that he was leaving first.

However unexpectedly, Lao He had already pushed Wen Yu out in a wheelchair and both of them were waiting in front of the office.

The two of them stood there like guardian ghosts.


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