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Brother Are You Waiting For Me (5)

Wen Qingyou thought that he only had physical pleasure with her, but he spent countless tossing and turning nights after returning to New York only to discover that, from the first time when he was willing to fall into bed with her, it was already love at first sight.

"What about regret" Wen Qingyou gently nudged his glasses and said with a faint emotion, "life won't let you go back and choose again, so we have to cherish the present."

With a beep, Wen Yu's cell phone rang suddenly.

She was blindsided for a few seconds, and saw "You have received a new message" displayed on the screen, her heartbeat became faster.

Certainly thought it would be news from Jiang Yuhe, but when she opened it hopefully--

It turned out to be Shen Mingjia.

[Hello my dear Xiaoyu, what have you been up to these days Why are you ignoring me]


Wen Yu wanted to jump into the screen and hammer this bitch to death.

Disgusting people always come out at inappropriate times.

After the disappointment, Wen Yu's mood was even worse.

She could feel a certain desire in her heart, and the more intense and eager the desire, the more disappointed and sad she was when she saw Shen Mingjia's WeChat message at this moment.

At this time, Shen Mingjia sent:

[Why don’t you have a picture of your brother in your Moments]

[My dear Xiaoyu, when will you take a video of President Jiang at home He has always been my idol.]

The scumbag spoke nicely, but he was actually suspicious of Wen Yu.

Because Wen Yu's friends group hardly posted anything, was empty, and indeed was unlike the sister of an entertainment circle big boss.

But it was this disgusting WeChat account that inexplicably made all the blocked outlets in Wen Yu's heart open up a gap.

Suddenly she sat upright, as if to remind herself--

What are you going to do You’re not abusing Shen Mingjia anymore

Look, he started to doubt you just now, and he wants a video, how can you leave

Remember how he mocked you Remember how he deceived you

Stand up! Must get! Back! There!

Even though she knew that this gap was forcibly opened by herself, once the thought began to sprout in her heart, it overwhelmed everything.

Most importantly, at this moment she finally knows--

Is it the mobile phone or the person that I am nostalgic for

The broadcast started at this time to call for boarding.

"Life does not give us the opportunity to go back and choose." Wen Yu stood up: "So now I want to go forward and not look back."

At four o'clock, the flight from Beijing to Jiangcheng took off on time.

Wen Yu stood at the exit of the airport with only her handbag, and looked up at the sky.

An airplane flew away overhead, passing through the white clouds, slowly crawling into the sky and disappearing.

Wen Qingyou's serious warning echoed in her ear:

"You need to think carefully, everyone is responsible for the decisions they make."

Wen Yu certainly understands this truth-

"You told me, live in the moment."

Wen Yu's present is all related to Jiang Yuhe.

Even if she wants to leave in the future, she hopes she can tell him frankly instead of leaving selfishly like now.

The moment when she tore up the ticket was perhaps the most memorable and profound decision in her life.

People came and went at the airport exit, but Wen Yu felt very relaxed.

Instead of taking a taxi right away, she walked slowly along the roadside.

There was still no news from the mobile phone.

In the end, Jiang Yuhe, the indifferent man, did not send her a blessing.

When I go back later, I must scold him harshly.

Just thinking of such a scene, the corners of Wen Yu's lips turned up unconsciously.

Walking to the end of the airport sidewalk, Wen Yu found a temporary taxi spot, waited for a minute before getting a taxi.

The taxi arrived in front of her, Wen Yu opened the door and was just about to get in, when from the corner of her eye she suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar black car parked across the road.

She paused slightly, and her bent body stood up straight again.

She looked at the opposite car from a distance.

The window of the car was open, and the man hung his arm on the edge of the window, staring lightly into the distance.

He didn't seem to have a specific direction, and his indifferent look couldn't reveal any emotions, so he just looked thoughtfully.

Wen Yu didn't know when he came, how long he was there, and how long he planned to stay.

Everything around her seemed to stop suddenly.

There are only two people in the whole world, her and him.

Wen Yu watched for a few seconds, suddenly wanted to laugh, and was very moved.

Everything is silent, at least he still has a little conscience, worthy of the ticket she tore up.


"Are you getting on, there’s a queue behind you!" The driver suddenly urged her and honked the car horn.

Wen Yu recovered from her daze and hurriedly closed the car door with apologies, "I'm sorry, I won't be getting in."

She pressed the joyful ups and downs in her heart, then slowly walked towards him.

She got closer and closer until she stopped.

She knocked on the car window lightly.

At this moment, even the wind became particularly gentle.

"Is my Brother waiting for me"


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