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Brother Are You Waiting For Me (4)

The next day, Wen Yu woke up and opened her eyes, but the crystal lamp she was accustomed to had turned into a cold and unfamiliar white ceiling lamp.

She couldn’t react for a moment, but she gradually remembered that she was sleeping on a hotel bed.

She has left the Jiang Family, the family where people urge her to get up every day, cooked for her, and clamored to raise her till she was white and soft.

This feeling is melancholic and depressing.

She began to fantasize about her life after she went to the United States.

She could continue to go to school there, or work in her brother's company, and she would know more people.

People of different skin colors.

But no matter how brilliant she thought the future would be, she still couldn't fill the emptiness in her heart.

Two o'clock in the afternoon, at the airport.

After taking the boarding pass and going through a security check, Wen Yu looked indifferent and began to bid farewell to the city step by step.

In the VIP lounge, Wen Yu sat quietly waiting for the flight.

She looked at the ticket in her hands, as if time had gone back to a few months ago when she set out to Beijing to get cufflinks for Shen Mingjia.

At that time, she was still immersed in the joy of meeting the scumbag after a long distance relationship for half a year, and she didn't know that her destiny would be so earth-shattering one day later.

Now Wen Qingyou seems to have brought her back to the right path in her life, but is it really the correct way

Wen Yu looked at her phone after a while, but Jiang Yuhe still didn’t contact her after so long.

She didn’t know if she was angry or disappointed.

She walked away decisively.

When the planes took off and landed outside the window, some people came here with joy, some people left here with hope, everyone's fate was different.

Wen Yu opened WeChat and took a picture of the plane taking off and sent it to Moments on her friends group.

This is already obvious, I am at the airport.

It’s time to go.

I have to go……

Will you really not ask me to stay at all :)

Even if you won’t ask, at least a message expressing your blessing is possible.

No matter what, we have been a pair of fake brother and sister for almost three months.

This friends group is only visible to Jiang Yuhe.

Wen Yu waited for the man's reply after sending it out.

But one minute, two minutes, five minutes, half an hour...

There was no news at all.

Wen Yu was a little depressed.

This kind of conversation that never received a response made her gradually become anxious and she began to walk in circles in the VIP terminal.

Wen Qingyou knew that she still had thoughts in her heart, so he didn't bother to console her.

Until she suddenly sat next to him and looked at him with her arms folded: "Are you really my brother"

Wen Qingyou:

"I’m just leaving with you like this.

What if you are a human trafficker that got plastic surgery to look like my brother and wants to traffic me abroad."

Wen Qingyou:

You don’t have to make up such a story if you want to go back.

The more Wen Yu thought about it, the more reasonable she felt, and she was about to run away with her small bag, "I think I still need to be cautious, or let's make an appointment to do the DNA test and then leave."

Just a few steps away, Wen Qingyou stopped her: "Wen Yu."

The voice was a little harsh.

Wen Yu was taken aback for a moment, stopped there, lowered her head sullenly, and turned around dully after a long time: "But I really don't want to go."

"But he didn't ask you to stay, right." Wen Qingyou followed with this sentence immediately.

"..." The knife was pierced deeply and accurately.

Wen Yu had no explanation, bowed her head, and returned to her seat.

She looked out the window dreamily.

Yeah, he never kept her.

Forget it, this is the retribution of a liar.

Wen Yu finally clicked to open the friends group, and found that there was still no reply, then deleted the post.

‘My mood is quite complicated now.’

Obviously, she previously wanted to scheme the other, but now she wanted others to give her a little response.

Wen Yu was a little sad.

If the world of her and Jiang Yuhe didn't merge in that way at the beginning, she might not have so much hesitation now, and she couldn't say anything.

"Brother, have you done anything you regret" Wen Yu suddenly asked Wen Qingyou.


Wen Qingyou's eyes paused slightly, he was startled for a few seconds, and his thoughts were slowly drawn away.

A few months ago, he met a woman while on business in Miami.

Under the red lights and wine, the game of adult men and women started naturally.

Later, when he left, she wanted his business card, but he only gave her a kiss and said take care.

The woman smiled and said the same thing and didn't continue to bother him.

The lives of each other briefly crossed for a few days, and then they separated cleanly.

There was no back and forth.


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