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Brother Are You Waiting For Me (3)

But when the phone fell into the trash can with a clatter, Wen Yu hurriedly stepped forward and picked up the phone.

Her emotions were also difficult to control:

"I have been brought out by you, what do you want from me"

She wiped the dust on the phone,

"Do you know where this phone comes from"

"I was in a car accident.

Where were you when I was penniless in this city"

"Where were you when I was ridiculed by the scumbag and mistress in person"

"You leave as you wish, come back when you wish, come back to break my life forcefully, and throw away all these things that make me nostalgic!"

Wen Qingyou was speechless for a while, and then sighed softly: "Yuyu, is what you’re nostalgic about just a mobile phone"

Wen Yu: "..."

On the first night Wen Yu left, although Jiang Yuhe wanted to get used to a home without her, he could not accept this reality so quickly, either rationally or emotionally.

He invited Qi Xu out to drink.

Usually it was a group of people in the clubhouse, but today they just found a quiet little bar.

There is no expensive wine, no noisy environment, only folk singers singing emotional songs on stage.

The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.

"The little tail didn’t come with you" Qi Xu asked as soon as he sat down.

Jiang Yuhe sipped a cocktail from the bar, "She left."

"" Qi Xu paused for a while, "Where did she go"

"Her own home."

Only then did Qi Xu see the rare dull look on Jiang Yuhe's face.

Although he often kept his face cold in the past, at least you can feel his indifference and impatience.

But not now.

His expression was completely indifferent to all emotions and feelings.

Qi Xu realized that something was wrong, "She has recovered her memory"

"No." Jiang Yuhe sullenly finished the crimson cocktail.

"Her brother came and took her away."


He didn't know if the intensity of one cocktail could soothe his mood at the moment.

Jiang Yuhe turned around and asked the waiter for another one.

"What is the name of this drink"

Waiter: "Yesterday’s Delusion."


Good name, Yesterday’s Delusion, you really know how to **ing name it.

Drinking a cocktail and can be connoted, Jiang Yuhe smiled suddenly and shook his head.

He didn’t expect Qi Xu to stab his heart with his words: "She just left Shouldn't be, no matter what she lived with you for a few months, why doesn’t she have a sense of nostalgia"

This is a good question.

Jiang Yuhe also wanted to know why.

When Wen Yu left, she seemed to have been prepared for a long time.

She left in a hurry, and didn't look back at all.

Let alone nostalgia, she hasn't even sent a message over.

He laughed self-deprecatingly: "What a waste of raising it for two months."

Qi Xu was silent for a moment, still feeling that Wen Yu was not such a person.

"I think it's because you did something that made people afraid to stay."

Compared to Wen Yu who just left without conscience, Qi Xu suspected whether Jiang Yuhe, the beast, did something excessive that scared her away.

Jiang Yuhe was startled for two seconds: "Me"

Qi Xu is merciless: "It's you, you are not a good person.

Please reflect on yourself first."

After being reminded by Qi Xu, Jiang Yuhe suddenly remembered what he did to Wen Yu last night.

There was panic, shock, consternation, and anxiety in her eyes at the time.

It was like a deer who was eager to escape after being attacked by a beast.

And so.

Did his impulse scare her away

Jiang Yuhe rubbed his brow bones helplessly, "How did I know that her brother was coming today."

This answer seemed to admit to Qi Xu's guess, and he suddenly became interested: "So what did you do to her"

Jiang Yuhe and Qi Xu have been friends for more than ten years, and they mostly grew up together since they were young.

Therefore, after hesitating for a few seconds, Jiang Yuhe told Qi Xu that he couldn't hold back and kissed Wen Yu.

Qi Xu was silent for a while, "Fortunately, her brother came."


"But." Qi Xu paused for a few seconds and kept talking, "I have done this before, and I can understand."

He thought it was good brothers sharing a similar fate, but Qi Xu slowly took a sip of wine before suddenly turning around again: "But I coaxed her back."

Jiang Yuhe: "..."

You can **ing go.

Did I tell you to show off to me

Qi Xu was just joking.

When he saw his poor complexion, he finally comforted him seriously: "It’s just a brother, not a boyfriend.

If you can't let go, go and chase her back.

Do I really have to teach you about this"

There is indeed no need for Qi Xu to teach, but—

"She lives in the United States," Jiang Yuhe said flatly, "and she came back to see her boyfriend."


There is no way to steal her away.

Knowing that his friend’s love fate was hopeless and could not be recovered, Qi Xu changed the subject without a trace, “This singer on the stage sings well.

If you like to listen to it, you can consider signing them for development.”

Jiang Yuhe tilted his head gently.

On the stage, a man sang affectionately with a microphone in his hands--

"I should be under the car, not in the car."

"See how sweet you are..."

"He must love you very much and love you better than me."

"It only took a minute to break up..."

Jiang Yuhe decided that he would never step into this bar again.

The whole night seemed to pass very quickly.


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