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Brother Are You Waiting For Me (2)

Jiang Yuhe arrogantly controls the destiny of countless people, but at this moment he deeply feels the kind of powerlessness, where even he can do nothing.

He got up and left without looking at Wen Yu again.

Stopped after walking a few steps, turned his back to them and said lightly:

"Hurry up if you want to go."

Wen Yu: "..."

Wen Qingyou smiled and responded: "Thank you, Mr.

Jiang, for returning my sister to me."

This is gratitude, but it is also definitive and suggestive.

Wen Yu is his sister.

She doesn't belong here, and she doesn't belong to him.

The story of the past few months can end.

In the future, everyone will go their separate ways with no more ties.

Wen Qingyou gently took Wen Yu's hand and walked out the door.

Step by step, like a spring of unknown length, Wen Yu was forcibly pulled, turning back from time to time to look at the distance between her and Jiang Yuhe.

They were slowly getting farther away.

He didn't look back in the end.

The door closed gently, and the house suddenly became quiet.

After witnessing this sudden separation with her own eyes, even Aunt Shi’er, who had always had a strong character, couldn't recover.

She looked at the door, and then at her young master who hadn't moved for a long time.

"You won’t try to ask her to stay"


How can he ask her to stay

Why would she stay

The plotting boss, what position does he have to ask her to stay

No one else knew that Jiang Yuhe had despicably tried once to make her stay.

And now, this time, perhaps it was heaven’s punishment for his selfishness.

Jiang Yuhe didn't speak any more and went upstairs alone.

On the other hand, Wen Yu followed Wen Qingyou back to the Riverside Hotel.

Wen Qingyou opened a separate room for her and said:

"I booked a flight back to Jiangcheng tomorrow afternoon.

Let's go back to see Dad, and then you and I can go back to the United States.

Whether you want to relax or develop your career there, you can start a new life as soon as possible."

Wen Qingyou said many things but didn’t get a response, so he turned to look at her.

Wen Yu sat on the edge of the bed, not listening to him at all.

Wen Qingyou saw her uncertainty, and comforted her: "It's good to end this way.

He won't know everything you lied to him about, and you can retreat safely.

It is the best ending for both of you."

Wen Yu didn't speak, just tapped the phone screen from time to time.

Since she left the Jiang Family house, Jiang Yuhe has not sent a single message.

What type of person is he, is he not reluctant to let her leave at all

Wen Yu didn't know why she had such expectations, but she felt a little irritated when she thought that the last thing she saw in the Jiang family was his back.

She asked Wen Qingyou, "What time is the flight tomorrow"

Wen Qingyou: "Four o'clock in the afternoon."

Wen Yu stood up and walked back and forth in the room several times but couldn't calm down.

She stopped and looked at Wen Qingyou: "I seem to have forgotten some things at the Jiang Family house.

I'll go back and get them."

"What type of things"

"A bottle of perfume."

"When I go back, I will buy you whatever brand of perfume you want, so there is no need to take a trip back."

Wen Yu bit her lip, and remembered something, "There is also a pair of cufflinks, which I was going to give to Shen Mingjia before, I—"

"Yuyu." Wen Qingyou interrupted her and sighed again, "It's over, okay"


"Don't think about going back anymore.

Your brother has already played the villain and pulled you out.

Can’t we look forward to the future"

Wen Yu paused: "But I didn't want you to do this."

She lowered her head: "I never thought about leaving.

You are deciding for me.

You think this is the best result, not me."

Wen Qingyou can see Wen Yu's thoughts clearly.

After all, after living together for so long, Jiang Yuhe definitely has enough charm to make his sister have feelings for him.

Even if he likes her, but what if he knew that Wen Yu's purpose of approaching him from the beginning was just to use him

Wen Qingyou doesn't want Wen Yu to suffer any harm.

Even if he is misunderstood now, it doesn't matter.

The two brother and sister pair were silent for a while.

Wen Yu was still persistently pressing the screen for a while, and Wen Qingyou saw that her screensaver was a photo of her with Jiang Yuhe with an intimate love sticker on it.

This photo further proved Wen Qingyou’s guess.

He glanced at Wen Yu and tentatively said: "This phone is too cheap.

When I return to Jiangcheng, I will help you buy another one."

After he said that he threw away the phone, "Don't keep anything from here, just throw it all away."


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