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Brother Are You Waiting For Me (1)

Wen Qingyou took out a business card from his pocket after he finished speaking: "Nice to meet you."

Wen Yu felt her heart skip a beat, it was over.

The real Brother has torn the veil covering this fake game.

Jiang Yuhe didn't move.

His thoughts were still immersed in the three words "Blood related Brother" Wen Qingyou said just now.

If it is true, this may be the most outrageous and absurd thing he had ever misunderstood since birth.

He looked stunned, paused, and then looked down calmly.

The business card was in English, and he quickly read the information.


The owner of an investment company on Wall Street.

After his parents divorced, Wen Qingyou and his mother changed their surnames to Song, so his name is Song Qingyou whether it is on the business card or in his own everyday life.

For a long time, Jiang Yuhe didn't speak.

After immersing himself in business for many years, he has long been able to conceal all his emotions and anger.

But under the seemingly calm surface, countless emotions are floating in the dark.


Her blood related brother

How can that be


Why is it impossible

After a long time, Jiang Yuhe seemed to recover from this shock and turned to verify with Wen Yu.

He just looked at her, but didn't speak.

Wen Yu understood what he meant, and opened her lips--"I don't know."

Not to mention Jiang Yuhe, Wen Yu herself felt that she was dreaming.

What a magical plot.

She was forced to kiss last night and was being forced to leave this morning.

Has anyone asked her Did she agree

"She has amnesia.

Not remembering is normal." Wen Qingyou knew Wen Yu was delaying, but he helped her explain the issue.

Jiang Yuhe smiled, "Then how can I trust your words; you can pretend to be anyone you want."

Wen Qingyou took out his mobile phone, and then opened some photos.

"If Mr.

Jiang does not find it troublesome, here are the photos of me and Xiaoyu when we were young, as well as the family photo of the four of us with my parents.

I can show you traces of her life such as college, graduation, and daily life."

There was a pause, "If it's not enough, I don't mind doing a DNA test with her to prove it."

Jiang Yuhe knew Wen Qingyou hadn't lied when he saw the first photo.

It was probably a photo of Wen Yu when she was five or six years old.

Wen Qingyou was standing next to her, gently hugging her, and the two smiled intimately and happily.

In the photo, Wen Qingyou has a small mole under his eyes, and the man standing in front of him also has one in the same position.

Jiang Yuhe felt that something had collapsed.

"My younger sister returned to China more than two months ago to have fun, but suddenly there was no news.

It took a long time for my family and I to find out from my friends that someone had seen her in Beijing.

"I am very grateful to Mr.

Jiang for taking care of her over the past two months.

Now it is time for me to take her back to the United States."

While speaking, Wen Qingyou gave Wen Yu a look, "Is there anything to pack up."

Wen Yu knew that Wen Qingyou was afraid of her hesitating, so he specially came to the house to force her to end it swiftly.

But it was so sudden that she was not ready to leave at all.

She didn't want to go.

She glanced at Jiang Yuhe and tried to wait for a word from him, asking her to stay.

But the man didn't look at her.

His eyes fell elsewhere.

She didn’t know what he was thinking.

The whole living room was filled with a deep depression.

Wen Yu had rehearsed in her heart countless times what she would look like when she left this home, but when it came to this moment, she still found it difficult.

The sharp knife cutting through a tangled rope may solve a problem quickly, but the person who was cut down didn't feel good.

Wen Yu stood behind the sofa, looked at Jiang Yuhe, and squeezed the sofa fabric tightly, "Brother..."

Wen Qingyou interrupted her directly: "Dad misses you very much."

Wen Yu: "..."

This is the last chance from her brother.

If she doesn't obey, Wen Yi'an will know all about this.

But the damn man didn't say a word.

Wen Yu was inexplicably angry.

Although she knew that she was in no position to be angry.

But Jiang Yuhe's indifference still made her sad.

"Okay." She felt wronged and walked to Jiang Yuhe with her handbag in a huff: "Then I'm leaving."

She has nothing to pack.

Everything in this house belongs to Jiang Yuhe, and she is not qualified to take it away.

Jiang Yuhe finally raised his eyes to look at her.

Although there are countless reasons to want to keep her here at this moment, but Wen Qingyou, this blood related brother, is enough to destroy all his illusions.

In what capacity could he keep her back

Just like that mobile phone.

The secret that he tried so hard to hide in the dark was eventually exposed.

The appearance of Wen Qingyou is the biggest backlash.

He said Wen Yu returned to China more than two months ago.

And Wen Yu's circle of friends also wrote that she was going to meet her boyfriend that was filming overseas.

Everything fits together.


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