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Brother (1)

Wen Yu felt like she had fallen into the abyss.

Everything was dark and she couldnt see a thing.

Her body kept falling.

She started to panic.

She reached out her hand to catch hold of something, but she couldnt catch a hold of anything.

Just as her consciousness started to become muddled, a voice called out her name.

“Little Yu.”

Wen Yu suddenly woke up.

She struggled to open her eyes but her vision slowly grew clearer.

Suddenly, a face appeared, and her vision became blurry again.

“Little Yu, wake up!” The voice kept shouting.

Wen Yu could not see the face, but she knew very well who this person was.

She called his name desperately.

“Brother, brother… brother.

Dont go, Brother.”

But the figure grew farther and farther away.

Wen Yu tried to catch him but her efforts went in vain.

When she suddenly opened her eyes and came to her senses, her face was covered in tears.

“She woke up! She woke up!” someone shouted by her side.

Wen Yu stared blankly at the deserted room in a daze.

She hadnt dreamt about Wen Qingyou in years.

Since she was young, her brother, who treated her like a treasure in the palm of his hand, was someone who raised her dearly.

When their parents had a nasty divorce, the court ordered her father to take care of Wen Yu, while her older brother, Wen Qingyou, was taken out of the country because of her mother.

From then on, she never heard any news from them anymore.

By the time she was six, Wen Yu had already lost her home once.

Now at 22 years old, her home was gone again.

The dream was warm yet cruel, and Wen Yu didnt want to think about it.

As her thoughts returned to reality, she blinked and found herself immobilized.

She turned her head and found herself lying on a sickbed.

Several people were standing in a row beside her.

It was then when she slowly released those memories from her mind.

Wen Yu finally remembered why she was here.

Last night, shortly after having her fortune told, she was hit by a car.

She really believed in that old mans words about good fortune.

What happened to the promised good fortune Was this good fortune

What a waste of seventy yuan.

“How much compensation do you want” A faint male voice suddenly fell to her ear.

Wen Yu was a little surprised when she discovered that amongst the people that stood by her bed, along with the doctor, there was a man in a high class suit.

Wen Yus heart thumped as she caught a glimpse of that face.

It was him.


Was that the wealthy guy from the accuse-him-of-assault-after-sex scheme, Jiang Yuhe

How could it be him What was he doing here

Wen Yu unconsciously wanted to sit up, but as she bent her calf, she felt a piercing pain.

The doctor quickly stopped her.

“Oh, dont move.

Your calf has severe bruising and extensive hematoma so you need some rest.”

Wen Yu stopped trying to sit up.

She hadnt had the opportunity to look at her leg yet, when she saw her nose was covered with thick gauze.

The doctor added immediately, “The nasal bone is also fractured.

You need some rest.”


Wen Yu stared blankly, then laid back down weakly.

Did she destroy the universe in her past life Not even Korean dramas would have storylines this miserable.

Within twenty-four hours, she had to deal with bankruptcy, a leg injury, a car accident.

One thing came after another nonstop.

A middle-aged man standing next to Jiang Yuhe looked uneasy and apologized.

“Miss, the main reason for last nights traffic accident was because I didnt see the green light.

Im so sorry I hurt you.”


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This man must be Jiang Yuhes driver.

So thats why he did not dodge the responsibility and asked how much compensation she wanted.

Sure enough, hes a businessman and therefore does not circle around the issue.

Wen Yu suddenly remembered the fortune tellers words.

“As long as you get past tonight, your difficulties will pass.”

That sentence could be applied to her current situation.


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